If there’s anything that can make or break a good horror movie is the score. Some are scary, some are fun to listen to, and then there are those scores that can only be described as “iconic.” I’m talking The ExorcistPsycho, and JAWS. Horror themes and composers can have such a following that they can draw in huge crowds for concerts. Just look at the last couple of shows from John Carpenter and Goblin! And fans of Italian horror, especially the iconic works of Lucio Fulci, are going to relish the New York premiere of composer Fabio Frizzi live in concert!

The past few years, the frequent collaborator of Fulci has performed his ‘Frizzi 2 Fulci’ show. A compilation of various themes from several different Fulci films. Along with a live orchestral composer’s cut version of The Beyond. Both of which have been on the west coast. But soon, New York fans will be able to experience the haunting, existential music of The Beyond and more, as Ship to Shore PhonoCo. announced Fabio Frizzi’s first east coast show in New York City! Further details below.



Frizzi will be performing on only two nights in late October, so I recommend following the links and buying your tickets ASAP. Or risk being locked out of The Gates Of Hell!