Written by Patti Pauley

I think it’s pretty safe to assume any horror fan reading this has at least heard, if not seen what is dubbed the “scariest film of all time”, The Exorcist. And if the initial and not the latter applies to you, my advice is to just close this article immediately and remedy that. William Friedkin‘s cinematic horror masterpiece was a force unlike anything anyone had seen concerning the original 1973 release of the, at the time, controversial film involving the great battle between good, evil, and a few light slams between Captain Howdy and those who stood in the entity’s malevolent ways.

OK, so “light slams” may be putting it mildly…

exorcist movie posters

Regan’s on-screen projectile vomit expanded to first-time viewers in the theater when the movie was originally released- you can read and view the vintage footage of the original 1973 audience reactions here. Along with screams of fright, people fainting in the lobby, and theater goers running to their local Parrish for a cleansing, Warner Bros. cleverly marketed the hell of The Exorcist by having the media document the occasion. And speaking of marketing, the various 1973 Exorcist movie posters from around the world began the stir of echoes that resulted in what is truly, one of the greatest horror films of all time.

While we’re all familiar with the infamous foggy imagery of Father Merrin standing outside the McNeil residence, let’s take a look at some other vintage  horror movie posters released internationally to promote the film that you may, or may not have seen!


exorcist movie posters

Image credit: Pulp International


exorcist movie posters

Image credit: Pinterest


Image credit: RedBubble

Fun fact: This was actually a rejected American poster for The Exorcist.


Image credit: CineMaterial.com


Image credit: CineMaterial.com

And just for shits and giggles, let’s take a look at this strange unused American poster for The Exorcist that was ultimately rejected before promotion began. I’m going to have to say, good call on this one Warner Bros.

Image credit: Captain Howdy.com