Written by Patti Pauley

A few short months ago, Mezco Toys announced that an Exorcist Living Dead Doll would be added to the popular line of nightmare play pals, and personally speaking, excited was putting it mildly. The collective toy gave the public a sneak peek via its website, showing only a prototype head of what the Pazuzu possessed Regan would look like, and the tease alone was enough to make anyone’s head spin in anticipation. Now, we finally not only have a full on look of this gorgeous demonic doll, but she’s also available for pre-order right now!  Check her out!


exorcist living dead doll

All images credit to Mezco Toyz

The devil is in the details with this stunning portrayal of the possessed Regan McNeil as she stands at a respectable 10 inches in her signature floral nightie that a young Linda Blair wore throughout her hellish performance in The Exorcist. In addition to the perfected scarring on this little nightmare fuel’s face and wild stringy hair, the doll also has the infamous plea of Help Me etched on her stomach!

The Exorcist Living Dead Doll is available for pre-order right now and comes encased in a die-cut window box featuring graphics from the iconic 1973 William Friedkin master achievement. Dolls are set to ship out between October and December of this year, so start your Christmas shopping early and get yours by clicking here!