Exclusive Video: “Ghost House”–Creating the Ghost World

Kevin and Rich Ragsdale have released exclusive video to iHorror taking us behind the scenes of their brilliant American/Thai horror film, Ghost House.

The video titled Ghost House–Creating the Ghost World takes viewers behind the scenes of a pivotal moment toward the end of the film when American tourist Julie, played by Scout Taylor-Compton, must finally face Watabe, played by Wen-Chu Yang, the spirit who has been tormenting her since she desecrated a Thai ghost house by stealing from it.

Ghost or spirit houses are often located in front of or inside businesses and homes in Thailand.  The house is set up as a reserved place for spirits so that they do not harm the living when they cross into our world.

The video, which includes the original animatic designed by Rich Ragsdale to sell the idea, gives viewers a closer look at how this intense and terrifying moment came to life.

The film, currently available on Amazon and Vudu streaming services, features an international cast and a story that crosses cultural lines to create a unique story of traditions, spirits, and the intersection of East and West.

Check out the exclusive video below!

GHOST HOUSE – creating the ghost world from KNR Productions on Vimeo.