Although the 2014 film Ouija took in over $100 Million at the worldwide box office, it received a scathing reception from audiences.  This didn’t escape producer Jason Blum when it came time to devise a sequel. “I’m a perfectionist, and I knew we didn’t do the first film right,” says Blum. “We made mistakes, and by making this film, we’re sort of acknowledging our mistakes with the first film.  We’re trying to make a better film.”


Such honesty is admirable and entirely typical of Blum.  Blum is the first to admit that not all of his films are masterpieces and tries to make corrections based on the reaction he receives from the marketplace. “We did not meet expectations with the first film,” says Blum. “The first film did well enough at the box office that we were able to get the studio, Universal, to go ahead with a sequel.  However, we didn’t want to do another teen-driven film. We wanted to do an origin film, and the studio agreed to this.”


Instead of calling the sequel Ouija 2, which was the original title, the sequel is called Ouija: Origin of Evil.  This title is a more accurate description of the approach that Blum and the film’s writer-director, Mike Flanagan, have taken with the second film. “It was the perfect idea,” says Blum, who credits Flanagan for “helping out” on the first film, in terms of the first film’s lengthy post-production process. “Mike helped us out when we did the first film, and he had an idea for the second film that I really liked. He wanted to do an origin film, which seemed like a great idea to me.”

Now Blum and Universal are hoping that everyone who saw, and disliked, the first film, will be willing to give this “Ouija makeover” a fair chance. “I promise fans, those who didn’t like the first film, that they will enjoy this film much more,” says Blum. “It’s more dramatic and much scarier.”