If you have ever heard Robert Englund speak whether at a convention, in an interview, or on a commentary, you know he has a well-informed opinion about everything.  The man behind the fedora and razor sharp finger blades has been in the film business for decades, and has an extensive knowledge of film history from his time in front of the camera as well as in front of the screen.  So when you ask Robert Englund which recent horror movie has made him need to change his underwear you better take notes!

‘Bone Tomahawk’ by RLJ Entertainment

TMZ caught up with the horror veteran to ask him this very question, and the actor didn’t hesitate when he cited 2015’s Bone Tomahawk written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, starring Kurt Russel and Patrick Wilson.  He praised the movie as “unbelievable” as he passed along the recommendation.
Before departing for the rest of his day TMZ asked if Englund had yet to see the recently released and highly acclaimed Get Out by Jordan Peele.  As any good cinephile he has, and told the news site he “love[d] it” as well as gave Peele props claiming he “…killed it!”
Englund also gave his approval of Allison Williams’ (of the hit series Girls fame) performance.    Having known the writer, director, and actor from their MAD TV days Englund told TMZ he was aware of Peele’s passion with the genre, and would gladly “stand in line to do a movie with Jordan [Peele.]”

‘Get Out’ by Blumhouse Productions

What do you think a collaboration between director and writer Jordan Peele with star Robert Englund would look like?  Reply in our comments!
Look bellow or click here to see TMZ’s interview with Robert Englund!
To see a trailer for Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed and fan raved Get Out click here!
               To see a trailer for Bone Tomahawk click here!


  1. That collaboration would be awesome. And if they did that movie would not only be a classic but also be one of the best horror movies of all time. And the many horror fans and I would love to see that movie.


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