The race is on to find out who murdered who. Eli Roth co-founder of the all horror digital network, CryptTV, is killing people via Snapchat. Well, sort of.

Sunday night Roth and CryptTV invited social network “celebs” to a mansion for a party where they were to be “killed” one by one. The action was captured via Snapchat and invites users to participate for the next 24 hours. In that time you will be able to gather clues and try to figure out who was responsible for the murders in a virtual murder mystery.

Snapchat stories has a limited amount of time that each video can be viewed before they are gone forever. That means that you have to look carefully and quickly to uncover the truth behind who the murderer is.

Personally, I am not familiar with any of these social media “celebs” but I do know that I was rooting for each one of them to meet their end. At the time I wrote this only 4 of them had been murdered and things were moving along pretty quickly.

Get at it horror sleuths. You have through Monday to discover who the murderer is.

Eli Roth murder mystery