During the Halloween season, there are plenty of costumes to choose from, but would you buy one that turns a 12-year-old girl from a popular Netflix series into an under-age vixen?

That’s the concern for some who have seen the costume being released. It’s called the “Upside Down Honey” and it appears to be based on the character Eleven from the Stranger Things series.

That show is scheduled to premiere its sophomore season later this month.

The costume doesn’t’ exactly call itself Eleven and it has not been licensed by the people at Stranger Things, but the similarities are clear right down to the bleeding nose and the waffle purse.

Waffles are the food of choice for the mysterious Eleven.

You can see the outfit in the video below, and there is no denying there is definitely trademark accessories paying homage to Millie Bobby Brown‘s character in the series. 

The video was posted on Facebook via Yahoo News and the comments feed has responded dutifully, as they do, with their opinions, some positive some negative. But most don’t seem to care.

Here are some of the comments from that feed:

“They make sexy costumes of children’s cartoon characters every year. Where’s the outrage for a sexy Minnie Mouse or Cinderella??” asks Amanda Cuff

“Who cares let them f****** sell what they want and you can buy what you want I don’t give a f*** you shouldn’t either.” Jason Thady

“No. Its not good.” Josh Bauer

“My opinion, if it’s not a minor wearing it shouldn’t be a problem.” Alejandro Amorós

Whatever you may think about this get-up, it’s clear: Halloween will always be a time for others to express themselves.

Whether it be through the innocence of a Disney character or the controversially extreme, this time of year playfully brings out the best, and worst in everyone.