Just about every country has got a major cryptid that many people believe in.  North America has Bigfoot, Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster, Mexico the Chupacabra, and countless others out there awaiting discovery.  The focus today however is on Brazil’s very own El Tunchi.  An evil spirit who is hell bent on protecting the Amazon Rain forest.

El Tunchi is a difficult one to narrow down to one concrete origin story, like other cryptids, the only thing concurrent from story to story is that it is an evil spirit who will assault anyone who disrespects the forest.  No one is quite sure if the being is made up from a single soul or multiple who have all met their end in the Amazon.

Image Credit: sciencemag.org

Tourists who plan on touring the Amazon are often warned by of a strange tune being whistled from within the forest, and if one does hear the eerie tune to leave the forest as fast as you are able.  El Tunchi lures in it’s potential prey by whistling a strange tune hoping to hear the victim whistle in return, similar to a siren luring a sailor to his death.

If El Tunchi hears a response to it’s trap it is known to make itself known to the unfortunate individual who returned it’s call.  At this point El Tunchi plays the role as a judge, and depending on how you are viewed will lead to either you escaping with your life, or meeting an untimely end.

Image Credit: Letras amazonicas

El Tunchi decides who lives and who dies based upon their own personal respect for nature and the Amazon.  If you were respectful to the Amazon during your visit instead of outright killing you, El Tunchi will simply scare you, allowing escape from the creature.  Those on the other end of the spectrum however, will be facing a death sentence.

While only a creature of legend, El Tunchi is one of any Brazilian legends that still stuck around.  Among many others Brazil, like every other nation, has more than its fair share of monsters, myths and legends.


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