Dog Spider Prank

One of the great things about the Halloween season is that the internet becomes a playground for pranksters, all vying to one-up each other with clever pranks intended to scare unsuspecting humanoids – and, in turn, make the rest of us bust a gut laughing at their terror.

It’s only the fifth of September and we’ve already got ourselves a contender for scare prank of the season, one that’s going to be incredibly hard to top. Meet Chica the Dog-Spider – man’s best friend… as man’s worst enemy!

Recently, Chica’s owner dressed him (or her..?) up in an adorably frightening spider costume for a series of elaborate pranks, including props and web… a whole lot of web. The result is one of the best scare pranks we’ve ever seen, sure to top the ‘Best of 2014’ list we write up here on iHorror come November.

Check it out below, and learn more about Chica the Dog-Spider over on Facebook!

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