Written by Patti Pauley

Does this zombie baby Halloween decoration offend you? “Insert cricket noises here.” Well, the war on Halloween continues when Halloween enthusiasts in Katy, Texas put together a rather gruesome yet stunning display featuring zombie babies nestled together in a crib munching on body parts, while the zombie mother watches over them. Pretty cool right?


Well, I think so. And most of the homeowner’s surrounding neighbors think it’s pretty fantastic as well; including the children. However, there’s always that one ladies and gentleman. That one squeaky wheel that makes me feel like I’m in that PC Christmas episode of South Park. One local mother along with a few other offended parents offered their opinion, no matter how much we don’t care about it:

“Halloween decorations are going too far, young children should not be exposed to this while walking around the neighborhood.”


In other words, she wants it taken down. However, neighbors supporting the homeowners Halloween spirit say that they (the owners) pay their home taxes, so they should be able to do as they please. And they are absolutely right. Local Las Vegas Eyewitness News reached out to the homeowners for comment. Although they declined an interview, the female head of the household, who herself has a husband and 3 young boys who reside there, did however assure the news outlet that the zombie babies are being properly cared for.



I for one, am a tad fed up from all these “Debbie Downers” trying to take the fun out of the most glorious holiday of the year. From Halloween decorations being pulled from Home Depot, to rides being permanently shut down at Knott’s Scary Farm, it’s time we fight back. Enough is really enough. If some mask, or weird deco bother you, for the love of everything spooky, please just look away. Let’s just make Halloween fun and drama free again.