Digital Artist Adds Realistic Gore to Home Alone Clips


Ah, Home Alone. For those who grew up in the 1990s, it’s likely one of (if not the) most beloved Christmas films out there. The tale of Kevin McAllister’s fight to protect his home from burglars is an expert combination of slapstick comedy and heart-warming holiday lessons about no matter just how much one might get annoyed by their family, it’s still usually better to have them around than not.

Of course, the cartoonish way Home Alone treats Kevin’s traps for burglar duo Harry and Marv tends to gloss over the fact that the majority are quite brutal, and would probably permanently maim anyone hit by them, if not kill them outright.

In a cinematic world where Harry and Marv can get endlessly tortured and still emerge without serious bodily injury, Kevin’s traps lead to laughs. In a more realistic world, they would lead to funerals and psychiatric evaluations.

Home Alone - Marv Gets Ironed

In the latter spirit, Youtube user BitMassive has seen fit to use his talents with digital artistry to insert realistic levels of blood, gore, and carnage into classic scenes from both Home Alone and its sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

So far, four sequences have been altered, and the results are likely to make any horror fan who also loves Home Alone both chuckle and wince. If you’ve ever wanted to see Daniel Stern’s face caved in with a brick, or Old Man Marley go medieval with a shovel, these are the clips for you.