Deadly Premonition is a rather divisive title in the horror gaming community.  Well love it or hate it, fans can once again return to the world of Deadly Premonition with its’ upcoming Board game adaption.  At the time of writing not much is known about how the game will play out, the only information currently available is the official teaser trailer which served as the announcement for the project.

For those who are curious you can find the official teaser trailer here.  While the video game outing may be divisive, I feel as though it’s a project that many have heard of but far less have had the actual pleasure to play.  Deadly Premonition has a rather infamous reputation of being so damn bad that it is somehow fantastic, which is a feat for a video game to achieve.

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So bad it’s good movies are a dime a dozen, however with a video game it’s so much harder to obtain that glory as a poorly made game will just come off as unappealing and bad to play.  It truly takes a work of art for a video game to become so divisive among those who have played it, let alone for it to obtain so bad it’s good status.   I personally consider it a guilty pleasure I like to indulge myself in every so often when boredom strikes, or I need a good laugh.

While it may not be a sequel, it’s still great news to hear that the Deadly Premonition IP is still being used for something.  If the board game sells well enough it may warrant another adventure into the world Deadly Premonition has to offer.

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While the game may not be perfect, it is still an experience worth having especially this late after it’s launch when copies are plentiful and dirt cheap.  As more information is released for the board game adaption iHorror will be sure to keep everyone up to date.