Just like purple and blue 8-bit Jason Voorhees, the oddly-colored NES version of Freddy Krueger has become quite popular over the course of the past year. What was once an ignored oddity is now an iconic look for the dream demon, his red pants and fleshy glove adorning all sorts of products in the wake of NECA’s must-own toy.

If the Nintendo Nightmare on Elm Street game instills all sorts of nostalgic feelings deep within your loins, you’re going to love this incredibly cool custom creation, which turns the game into its very own NES console!

The custom console is the work of, who else, Custom NES Guy, a talented dude who uses a high quality automotive basecoat/clearcoat system to turn boring old consoles, carts, controllers and PCs into shiny new works of art. He takes custom orders, turning whatever fans want into whatever they want whatever it is turned into, and this particular creation was one of those personalized projects.

The video below shows off the system from every possible angle, so check it out, if you want to see more!