Written by Patti Pauley

Just a few short days ago, social media exploded with the announcement that the seventh movie of the Child’s Play series, finally had a name and even a little teaser attached to the headline that had us all filled with those “Good Guy” feelings. Even if the Cult of Chucky teaser (seen below) is just snippets of Chucky’s shenanigans throughout the franchise with the reveal of the official title at the video’s conclusion, at the end of the day, it’s something. And that something is the oh so damn good fuzzy feeling.


Following the events of Curse, which brought Chucky back to his terrifying roots and face to face once more (even if it was brief) with his arch-nemeses Andy, we now find Nica in the insane asylum. The poor woman is probably suffering some massive PTSD, and her story of a killer doll murdering her entire family, is what has ultimately landed her there.


The lovely psychiatrist working with Nica (Fiona Dourif) inside group sessions, seems to think a “Good Guy”, would be a great therapy tool for the bunch, which turns out to be Chucky himself. Way to further that Pediophobia, eh? Andy (Alex Vincent) learns of the dire situation and comes to Nica’s aid, but not without Chucky’s beautiful but deadly bride (Jennifer Tilly) to stand in his way.


Now, for those who may have missed it, we here at iHorror have shared a few social media tidbits from the cast and crew before-click here to catch up. However, pretty recently as a matter of fact, Don Mancini, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and Jennifer Tilly have been most gracious to awaiting fans via their social media outlets, providing some updates and teasing the masses with Cult of Chucky clues and production shots.


Filming has already started in the chilly city of Winnipeg, and the film is aiming for a pre-Halloween release date for this year.



An Agatha reference?! I have so many questions right now.


This curious photo from Fiona Dourif’s Instagram account. Going over the script maybe?

Repost from my creeping neighbor @kidfromspain

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Shot of Mancini and Dourif with an ON POINT beard giving Chucky a voice.

❤️ #chucky #chucky7

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A break in between work it seems. Squad goals is the correct term here?

The Cult!

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And of course, Miss Tilly can’t wait to hook back up with her on-screen soulmate!


Stay tuned for the latest on Cult of Chucky as it develops!