It’s Friday! Time to relax and start your weekend. And what better way to kick off your festivities than casting your gaze on a collection of creepy, weird, and mostly unexplained vintage photos.

Some of these are hauntingly bizarre, others are just strangely out of context. But they’re all a little bit freaky, and as horror fans, we fucking love that, right?

Because in all honestly, nothing is as scary as real life. And sometimes, vintage photos are a great way to remind ourselves of that.

Shall we?

I don’t know what’s going on here… but I like it – image via Imgur


Horatio Gordon Robley with a collection of severed heads, 1895


Repenting their sins, Spain 1940


Novelty from Honor House – for the Ed Kemper on your gift list


A bicycle built for two to ride STRAIGHT TO HELL – Image via Reddit


Two Victorian women and their “guests”, circa 1890. Victorians were obsessed with death… so this makes sense actually.


woman holding mummy scarecrow
Captioned “woman holding mummy scarecrow”. Aka “woman holding my nightmare”


Waiting...always waiting.
Quality time with a loved one


Creepy Old Vintage Photos~ portrait of dead woman lips sewn shut
Portrait of dead woman with lips sewn shut


Creepy Old Vintage Photos~ dead sisters in scary masks portrait
Are you screaming? No? Oh, that’s me screaming – image via Reddit


Worker in the Paris Catacombs


creepy vintage photo
I don’t know who made that dummy… but damn – image via Reddit


“Why wait til 1955, we might not even be alive”
I’m positive that those children started that fire
That guy is definitely going to take those kids to a basement somewhere


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drink a half a bottle of wine and try and scrub those screaming baby masks from my brain.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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