As Halloween is merely just 37 days away, it is time to put on those thinking caps and figure out what your little kiddo will be for the Haunting season.
The best part of Halloween costumes is not just the trick or treating aspect of it, but the parades, the pumpkin patches, and the endless Halloween parties one can endure. These costumes will surely be the hit of the next ghoulish event you attend to and serve as a reminder that no Halloween is complete without a fantastic costume.
Here are some fantastic Halloween costumes to truly set you apart from the other neighbors!
A pair of overalls, sneakers and red striped shirt is the foundation of this deadly getup! With some makeup from your local Walgreens or Spirit store and red spraypaint for hair, you can easily pull off this gruesome- but at the same time- hauntingly cute little terror.
Leaving a bit more to the imagination, a burlap sack and orange onesie is all that is really needed to reinvent Sam, our childish friend from the Halloween movie Trick R’ Treat.
Reaching into the deep imagination of Tim Burton comes the classic character of the misunderstood Edward Scissorhands. Some white face paint, assorted metal from the nearby craft store, leather cladded material and a creative imagination can go a long way with this one.
With the popular movie making headways this year, all that is truly needed to become a nun-chucking turtle is a silver aluminum roaster pan, green spray paint and a pair of tights. Complete the look with a bandana across the eyes!
For those less adventurous kids that are hanging out for the ride, this cute costume definitely puts a cute little spin on the popular doll series. Cardboard box, some linen and a wig with any dress from the closet can complete this look. It will take some labor of course, but look how great a little hard work can be!
Now what better way to go trick or treating than to have an actual vending machine as your ride along. Although it may seem to be a construction of cardboard, foil, and cellophane, this will be one costume to truly get the neighborhood talking!