Cool Down With Ben & Jerry’s Horror Movie Ice Cream Flavors


Though we’re still a couple months away from the start of summer, the weather is already warming up in many parts of the country, which means that the familiar jingle of the ice cream man will soon be heard. In fact, he’s been driving around my town for the past several weeks, and you better believe I’ve flagged him down on a few occasions.

Yes, it is indeed ice cream season once more, and today I wanted to share with you guys a fun little project that’s sure to whet your appetite for some tasty dessert treats.

A couple years back, artist Frank Browning and I partnered up and created a series of Ben & Jerry’s horror movie ice cream flavors, which were posted on my blog Freddy In Space. We had a whole lot of fun coming up with clever flavors as well as eye-catching carton designs, and I think it’s time that art is given a second life here on the web.

So, what would it look like if Ben & Jerry’s turned movies like Child’s Play, The Shining, Halloween and Army of Darkness into ice cream flavors? Dig in below to find out!

Click on page 2 for “The Human Centi Peach”!


  1. Considering the shape of the container I’m sad they didn’t make one for The Ring and have the container be the well.

  2. do you think good guys ice cream is good guy cereal in vanilla ice cream they do not say. i think that it should be ginger flavored. 😉 . also i would try each and one of them except human centi-peach.

  3. Funny, creative and well done. Only a horror buff will get all the subtleties hidden within. Some of these are brilliant!!

  4. These are great! If they added “Jeffrey Dahmer’s Crunchy Suprise” to their list of frightful flavors, I’m sure it would be a hit! 😀

  5. One that I would like to see Ben and Jerry make would be exorcrisp ( a take on the Exorcist) Made with chocolate ice cream and crispy wafers blended in. I would definitely buy that


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