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A while back, we had heard that an upcoming partnership with Mattel, Lego and Funko would bring us some great new toys for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

If you were hoping that this might mean some revamped toys for Jurassic Park as well, then friend, I’ve got great news.

Announced today on Funko Pop!’s website, a brand new batch of Jurassic Park Pop! toys will be hitting shelves in February. The line will celebrate the iconic film’s 25th anniversary.

The line will feature figures of Dr. Grant, Dr. Malcolm, John Hammond and Nedry.

Doctors Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm (via Funko)
Dennis Nedry and John Hammond (via Funko)

But don’t forget the dinos! Keep an eye out for the T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Dilophosaurus. You can even find a Dilophosaurus “chase” variant (a rarity of 1-in-6).

T-Rex and Velociraptor (via Funko)
Dilophosaurus (with “Chase” variant, a rarity of 1-in-6) (via Funko)

There will, of course, be exclusives. A “wounded” (aka steamy) Dr. Malcolm can be found at Target and a Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus 2-pack will be available at Entertainment Earth.

“Wounded” Ian Malcolm Target Exclusive (via Funko)

Look at those tiny plastic chest muscles. This is not a drill, people.

2-Pack Entertainment Earth Exclusive (via Funko)

For those of you noticing the distinct lack of girl power among the figures (dinosaurs aside), rest assured that there will be a Dr. Satler Pop! Rides figure coming soon.

via Jurassic Outpost

Despite the incredible popularity of both Funko Pop! figures and Jurassic Park, this is the first time the two have officially collaborated.

Will you be adding these to your collection?

Featured image via Chris Fischer

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