John Carpenter Releases New Music Video for ‘Christine’

John Carpenter may be best known for his work behind the camera, but as true fans know he is also a great music composer and has just released a new music video for Christine.

His films HalloweenEscape From New York and In The Mouth of Madness are not only recognized for their iconic characters, but for their soundtracks too.

In fact, they wouldn’t be the same without his musical touch, that synth-vibe sound is as unmistakable as Bernard Herrmann’s (Psycho, The Twilight Zone) or John Williams (Jaws, Jurrasic Park).

This video directed by Carpenter keeps Christine in her California roots as she travels through the streets of Los Angeles terrorizing a hapless girl who flags her down needing roadside assistance.

But this red Fury has a special surprise behind the wheel.

Carpenter continues to travel around America on tour, conducting live on stage while audiences watch his films play on a screen in the background.

Christine was first released in 1983, a Stephen King adaptation that has yet to be remade.

But with the new music video, who needs a remake when you have a reunion this sweet?