Decorate That Sweet Denim Vest With Care Bears Horror Enamel Pins


Written by Patti Pauley

Ready to add a favorite shop to your ETSY list? Because goddammit, these Care Bears horror enamel pins are pretty much the perfect pairing of ’80s nostalgia and horror that I’ve seen in the recent enamel explosion.

Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Etsy shop Blood Sugar Pin Company has developed enamel pins appropriately dubbed ‘Scare Bears’ unifying the colorful little fuzzy wuzzies with the horror genre in an unholy matrimony of enamel gloriousness. I recently bought one for a fellow horror writer’s birthday, and she loved it so much, as did myself, I decided to share this little ETSY secret with the rest of you readers. Becuase, it’s just too good to keep all to myself.

Set of five Scare Bears

From True Heart Captain Spaulding to Friend Sam Bear, the Scare Bears Enamel pins are the perfect gift for horror-loving friends and compliment to that sweet denim vest or favorite cardigan.

NES Jason and Glow in the Dark set

Captain Spaulding Scare Bear

Evil Ash Scare Bear

Sam Scare Bear

With the secret now out for those who’ve been kept in the dark, let’s make like Dark Heart and proudly display these bad boys outside at your local Care Bears and Bronycon events. Just kidding, don’t be that person. But, it would be kind of hilarious.