Everyone needs a relaxing vacation now and again. But it’s what you do on these trips that create memories, and if you are a true-life horror fan, you may want to visit Milwaukee to check this tour off your creepy bucket list.

There has been a resurgence of interest in Dahmer as Aperture Entertainment is set to release the biographical film “My Friend Dahmer” in 2017, which explores the killer’s life in high school.

Hangman tours in Wisconsin offers a unique walking tour of the streets and significant places where the serial killer once stalked his victims.

Amid much controversy, the tour company has endured criticisms that their service is disrespectful to the families of the victims and has been banned from Groupon promotions twice.

Hangman tours in Milwaukee will let you walk in Jeffrey Dahmer's footsteps.

It’s not iHorror’s place to judge a person for their eerie curiosity and their vacation tastes. This writer has personally taken one such tour of another famous serial killer in London: Jack the Ripper. Not only was it creepy, it was highly informative.

Deemed the “Cream City Cannibal” the Dahmer walking tour retraces his footsteps through the historic city streets of Milwaukee at night.

The tours are held on Friday’s and Saturdays, which comes with the disclaimer “not for the faint of heart.”

A synopsis of the tour states: “This tour is so gruesome, it was banned on Groupon – twice. Walk in the exact footsteps of cannibalistic serial [killer] Jeffrey Dahmer, where he poached 7 of his 17 victims. Rife with tales of caution, psychological dissection, and terrifying details…”

Dahmer murdered 17 vicitms in all, the Hangman tour only focuses on seven. In 1990, within one-week of moving into 924 North 25th Street, Apartment 213, Dahmer continued his grotesque killing spree, luring victims back to his apartment where he drugged them and dismembered their bodies.

His apartment was razed in 1992.