Call of Cthulhu is essential reading for any Lovecraft fan, that much is known, however with the news of an upcoming video game adaption many fans were skeptical. After all the true fear and horror behind all of Lovecraft’s works is the fear of the unknown. Terrors so grand in scope that just looking upon them causes insanity in its purest form. Something like that will be incredibly difficult to capture in a video game setting.

Well at Sony’s E3 2017 press event we were treated to another taste for what is to come with the upcoming Call Of Cthulhu official video game. Be sure to check out the trailer below as it does a wonderful job of setting up the scene and tone for the game.

The trailer does look incredibly promising and did do an excellent job of setting up the mood, but fans are still skeptical and for good reason. As I stated above the true horror behind Lovecraft’s writing was the unknown, and video games tend to show off everything in their power. If Call of Cthulhu wants to succeed it needs to stay as close to the source material as possible, and master the art keeping the secrets just that, secret.

If the game can accomplish those two things fans should have nothing to worry about, other than pure insanity that is. Call of Cthulhu is looking incredibly promising and is already creating high hopes among some horror gamers. While fans of Lovecraft may be skeptical, myself included, the trailer did make a great first impression. Let us hope that the final product is able to chase the same tone and feel as the trailer.

What are your thoughts on the E3 Trailer, and what are your hopes for the game as a whole? Personally a survival horror game involving the Call of Cthulhu sounds like a perfect fit, but there really can be no fighting back when your up against beings older than time itself can there? As more information comes out we will keep you updated here at iHorror.



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