Bring a Little of The Wasteland Home with this Pip-Boy FALLOUT Controller


Some girls want shoes, some girls want make up, some girls want diamonds. Me?…I want fancy-ass custom console controllers. You may have seen in the past how crazy for custom controllers we are. And between the past horror controllers and the recent Alien controller, someone has stepped up the video game fandom with a Fallout controller.

While Fallout lovers everywhere explore every nook and cranny of the Boston Wasteland of Fallout 4 and play every DLC just waiting for any scrap of news of a possible Fallout 5, one guy is spending his time turning video game fandom into works of art, like this dream Pip-Boy controller.

Fallout controller

Just look at that beauty. Look at those curves and that moveable screen with Vault Boy on it just like in the game. HOT DAMN! I want one! This is the handiwork of artist Devin L. Smith who runs the company End of Line Designs.

Fallout controller

Fallout controller

Fallout isn’t the only franchise he’s tackled. Check out these other handsome sons o’ bitches. He does other custom controllers like Dishonored 2

Fallout controller

Or perhaps superheroes are more your style.

Fallout controller

If a custom Fallout controller or a Dishonored 2 controller isn’t for you, he does consoles! Like this Tomb Raider themed one.

Fallout controller

All of these are fully functional and cool as hell.

Fallout controller

And that GAMEBOY! Shut up and take my money!

According to his bio, Devin L. Smith grew up an avid movie lover with Indiana Jones and The Goonies as his favorites. Since he didn’t have the money to get the fancy machinery and silicone, he has learned to create his art through improvising materials.

Along with his controllers, consoles, and sculptures, his portfolio includes paintings, drawings and digital artwork.

For information on his art, including the custom Fallout controller, you can contact him via email at or follow him on social media at

Speaking of Fallout, the beloved franchise is getting a tabletop game release. You can read about that here!

All images courtesy of Devin L. Smith and End of Line Designs.


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