Boy in Annabelle Costume NOT Having It

Halloween may be over, but these pictures of a boy dressed as Annabelle have kept the spirit of the holiday alive with laughter.

A mother wanted her son to dress as the evil doll inspired from The Conjuring movie. She made him up in full frilly dress with red ribbons, white socks, and red Patent Leather Shoes in preparation for a Halloween party they were to attend.

She also did her best to paint his face like the evil porcelain doll.

Even though her rudimentary skills left a lot to be desired, it gave a different life to this already hysterical story.

You see, the mom didn’t realize until after she had applied the make-up and costume that her son had a dentist appointment on that same day. With no other option, she kept the appointment but had to do so with her son in full make-up. Oops!

Of course, the entire office staff was having a great time at the boy’s expense, but his face shows just how much hatred he had of the experience. His attitude did not change once they got home from the party either.

We can sympathize with this young man and his loss of dignity, but he managed, perhaps unknowingly, to invoke the spirit of the doll and for that we applaud him. Plus he’s given the world a bit of comic relief, yet another reason to praise his bravery.

We also see a viral MEME in the making here somewhere and let’s just say his mother will have a lot of explaining to do once he gets older and seeks therapy.