Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer

Nov 28th marks the anniversary of the death of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, a man that lured young men into his home and bludgeoned, mutilated and in some cases ate them.  The body count for this serial killer reached 17 when he was done.

Netflix is offering a few streaming movies on Dahmer’s life, “Raising Jeffrey Dahmer” and the superior pseudo-documentary “The Jeffrey Dahmer Files”. The former is based on Dahmer’s father’s account of events, while the latter is a moody and charismatic blend of documentary and live action filmmaking.

Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father, has said that as a child his son was fascinated with dead animals, finding them in a crawlspace under his house, Jeffrey would collect the animal’s blanched bones and place them in a bucket to fondle over later.

Depending on which psychological journal you read, Dahmer apparently suffered from Asperger’s disorder, a pervasive developmental disorder that can hinder the sufferer’s ability to socialize or interact with others. Whether this is true or not, Jeffrey Dahmer certainly had no intention of making friends and keeping them in one piece.

Jeffrey Dahmer

In June of 1978, just out of high school, Dahmer picked up his first victim; Steve Hicks. Dahmer brought Hicks back to his parent’s home. There, after drinking and intercourse, Dahmer crushed the young man’s skull with a barbell, detached all appendages and buried Hicks in the woods behind the house. But that wasn’t the last time Dahmer would interact with Hicks.

A few years later, Dahmer’s alcoholism consumed him and he was discharged from the Army. Once home, he exhumed Hick’s remains, ground them up, and replanted them elsewhere.

For 13 years Dahmer continued to kill, nearly getting caught in May of 1991. But only a few months later in July, police discovered the gruesome photographs of his victims and took into custody.

It was discovered that Dahmer drugged, raped and quartered his marks, he saved the genitals and skulls as collector’s items. Dahmer also photographed his crimes, keeping snapshots of his victims for later viewing.

Once caught—one lucky victim escaped and led authorities to Dahmer’s residence– police found that Dahmer kept a collection of heads in a freezer and a stew of penises and hands in a kettle in the cupboard. His obsession with male genitalia was evident once more as an investigation revealed more male parts soaking in formaldehyde in a jar.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer’s mattress being taken out of his apartment after his arrest

If you are brave enough to search the basement of the internet, some crime scene photos are available for viewing, but be warned, they are in full color. By the end of his reign of murder, Dahmer had been indicted on 17 counts of murder and ordered to serve 15 life terms.

On November 28, 1994 while Dahmer was serving his sentence at Columbia Correctional Institution, a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, attacked and killed him. Ironically, although never proven, the weapon Scarver is said to have used was a metal bar taken from the prison gym, just like the one Dahmer had used to kill his first victim Steve Hicks.

Whether he was mentally ill, morbidly curious or the pure evil itself, Jeffrey Dahmer is an icon of real-life horror history.

So this year, on Black Friday, when you’re shopping for deals to celebrate the holidays, also remember it was the day in a true-life horror story that the devil died.