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Written by John Squires

With Lionsgate bringing back popular horror franchises Saw and The Blair Witch Project for upcoming new installments, it doesn’t seem like all that much of a stretch to assume that they’re probably also eager to bring the Firefly clan back for one more murder spree. Of course, all of the main characters were killed off at the end of The Devil’s Rejects, but if the horror genre has taught us anything, it’s that true evil never really dies.

Adding fuel to the fire, Rob Zombie kinda-sorta teased a sequel to The Devil’s Rejects earlier this year, asking fans on his Instagram page if they’d be interested in seeing the return of Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding. Back in 2014, Zombie noted that he came up with a way to make another film work, but that the ball, at that point in time, was in Lionsgate’s court. What we do make of all this? More importantly, what does franchise star Bill Moseley think about the possibility of a Devil’s Rejects sequel?

On the latest episode of the Blumhouse-produced Shock Waves podcast, Moseley was asked that very question…

I do hope they do it!” responded the horror icon, who of course played Otis in both Corpses and Rejects. “I’m wishing great success for Rob’s new movie 31, because that was entirely crowd funded, and maybe that’s the way (to do another Firefly sequel). I think that Lionsgate must own the rights, so I’m sure there’d have to be some negotiation there. I don’t really know. I’m sure House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects both turned a profit, so I would think that’d be a good reason to do a third one.”

If you’re a Bill Moseley fan, we strongly encourage you to listen to the full Shock Waves interview!

The Devil's Rejects