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Despite all the many horrors that exist in the real world that most people would be only too happy to block out if they could, there is still something deeply ingrained in our genetics that attracts us to engineered or fake horror.

In other words, many of us love to have the you-know-what scared out of us and are even happy to pay for the privilege and pleasure.

How else can one explain why millions of thrill seekers around the world spend billions each year at a variety of theme parks on the scariest, most frightening rollercoasters and other horror-based rides and attractions. Or why so many flock to cinemas to watch blood and gore or good vs. evil horror flicks? The truth is most folks love a little horror in their lives.

horror ride

People Have Always Had a Fascination with Horror

In fact, practically since the dawn of mankind people have had a fascination with horror in one form or another. Consider some of the world’s oldest cults, religions, organizations and fraternities. Many involve elaborate rituals or ceremonies late at night or in dark, secretive locations, and are attended by people donning masks and other inappropriate attire.

This is all designed to instill a sense of fear or horror in their members, new and old, and to add a sense of gravity, spookiness and meaning to the proceedings and their organizations. It’s no coincidence that no documented cult or secret organization has ever welcomed its new members or initiates at a picnic on a sunny day down the local park for all to see.

Horror Has Found a Universal Home on the Internet

While fabricated horror was once the sole domain of haunted houses, scary movies, the holiday of Halloween and rollercoaster-packed theme parks, today horror lovers can also get their ‘fix’ by visiting various horror sites on the internet. A PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet and an internet connection is all horror fans need to scare themselves silly.

Over and above download and movie sites, or playing lucrative horror-themed slots online like those available here, a relatively new source of horror has popped up that is attracting horror-hoarders from far and wide. Called interactive horror websites, these allow visitors to interact with their offerings in real time, and are not meant for the faint of heart.


The Best Horror Sites You Can Interactive With

To give you an idea of the websites that are in the ‘scaring business,’ we’ve scoured the internet high and low for the very best interactive horror sites online, the results of which you’ll find listed below. But before you read on remember two things. One, true horror is in the eye of the beholder and two, you’ll enjoy these sites better by yourself at midnight.

There is no doubt that for the best results in terms of letting the online horror wash over you (like someone else’s blood), you should access the following websites with no one else around. It’s no secret that fear and, by association, horror is accentuated through isolation and the closer one gets to the witching hour (midnight). That said, you’ve been warned…

The Outbreak: What Would You Do?

Kicking off out list of best horror interactive websites is The Outbreak, a novel interactive online zombie-themed horror movie where at certain points you the viewer get to make decisions that will ultimately affect if the characters live or die. The Outbreak is clearly no big budget Hollywood production, but it does have its fair share of scare points.

Outbreak What Would You Do

Split into chapters, at the end of each chapter you’re given two choices to make and based on the one you pick the film continues from that point. The Outbreak is complimented by a good soundtrack that can be described as ominous and sinister, as well as a good helping of gore, violence and profanity. If you’re scared of the f-word, steer clear of this.

The Outbreak delivered a solid 7 on the horror scale. It may have benefitted from a better script and some kind of a backstory to explain how the Outbreak came about that resulted in our Zombie hunters being hold up in this house. That said, we loved the concept and what better way to get your horror on than with a bowl of popcorn and some killer zombies?

Hashima Island

If you believe in ghosts, particularly the horrific as heck Japanese kind, then the Hashima Island site is for you. Along with creepy music, the interactive images of this Japanese island and its deserted streets and broken buildings once populated by thousands will cause the hairs at the back of your neck to stand on end, unless you’re immune to its horrors.

hashima island haunted

When in 2013 Google Maps made available street view maps of the ghostly and desolate island, some clever spark later built a website to showcase Hashima Island, home to a once thriving coal mine in the 1960s before being shut down in 1974. Today the island and its skeletal-like buildings look like an expensive set piece from a Hollywood horror film.

From anywhere in the world you can negotiate Hashima Island online, choosing your own path as you negotiate the ruins that could house ghosts and ghouls. The site focuses on six sections of the island labelled as Nikkyu Flats, Stairway to Hell, Block 65, Primary School, Glover House and The Coal Mine. We give it 8 out of 10. Enter at your own risk.


If you’re a huge horror fan and you haven’t heard of Creepy Pasta, you really need to get yourself online more often. This is a website that can best be described as ‘horror central’ being a platform and forum for horror fans from all over the world to publish their horror-related stories (“creeypastas”), images or memes. This is where creepy comes to relax.

creepy pasta horror

Launched just a few years ago, CreepyPasta has found a broad and eclectic audience who adore its regularly published stories on all things horror related. For instance, words you’ll come across a lot at CreepyPasta include scary, paranormal, unexplained, gory, ghosts, gruesome, murder, otherworldly, suicide, violent, death, haunted and many, many more.

For a bit of ‘dark’ reading before or after midnight, CreepyPasta is the site to visit. It even made headlines a few years ago as the site that spawned ‘Slender Man,’ a supernatural fictional character that inspired the real life stabbing of a 12 year-old girl in the US by two other 12 year-old girls. The online horror doesn’t get more real than here. 10 out of 10.


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