The trailer for the James Gunn (SlitherGuardians Of The Galaxy) written and produced, Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) directed horror thriller, The Belko Experiment, has dropped. It looks like it’ll be one bloody good time! A teaser was released a few days ago but now we’re given a full scope of just what the experiment holds.

The story follows the workers of The Belko Corporation. A non-profit organization that helps American companies in South America. Things seem business as usual until the employees find themselves locked inside their office building by ultra durable steel shutters and armed guards prowling the grounds, keeping them inside. Trapped together and forced by a mysterious voice over the company’s PA system to kill some of heir co-workers, or double the amount will be killed instead. How so? Apparently, working for Belko also means a chip in your skull that blow your head up in a gruesome shower of blood. As the pressure and threats build, it looks like some will become more willing the compete in this mad experiment… with the aid of the then provided guns.

With a cast of fan favorites like Michael Rooker and John C. McGinley it’ll be interesting seeing their interactions before and during the massacre to come.



The full Red Band trailer is below. The Belko Experiment is due out March 17th from Blumhouse Tilt. You can watch some more trailers for upcoming horror movies on iHorror here and here!