Thanks to the internet we’re quickly moving into the era of digital media. Soon, Blu-Rays and DVDs will be history, as it happened to VHS. But there is still love for the Video Home System tapes. Nan and Patrick Massobrio, two artists from Monaco decided to reuse old VHS tapes and turn them into art.

In their collection Video Store Memories they used tapes that no one wanted and turned them into your favorite horror villains and heroes. The VHS functions as the head, decorated with other fitting stuff the couple found on the trash. And of course paint.

With these artworks they want to pay tribute to movies they discovered by renting them on VHS. They are for sale in their webshop, but in case you don’t have around 350 Euros to pay for them you can still pay a visit to their website and check out the awesome artworks.


Can you guess them all? Leave your guesses in the comments.



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