American Horror Story

Ever since Season 3 of FX’s incredibly popular show American Horror Story wrapped up this past January, fans have been hotly anticipating news about the impending fourth season, and rumors have been circulating around the internet that Season 4 will be taking place in a circus/carnival/freakshow environment.

Many fans have even gone so far as to whip up faux pieces of promotional art for the rumored season (like the one above), but those rumors have been nothing but rumors over the course of the last couple months, with no official word confirming or denying them.

That is, until now. And the news, for those excited about those rumors, is good.

As reported by the AV Club, American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie was a guest on the podcast Nerdist Writers Panel last week, and though he at first remarked that he wasn’t at liberty to say anything about the fourth season, it wasn’t long before he cracked and spilled the beans.

When the rumors of a carnival theme were brought up in regards to Season 4, Petrie confirmed them, stating that the season doesn’t yet have a title, but that the “rough idea” is that the story will indeed have a carnival setting. He remained tight-lipped about any further details, but we do know that Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates will likely all return for Season 4.

Are you excited about a carnival theme, for the next season of American Horror Story? Comment below and let us know!