American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy Continues to Tease Us with New Images!


Written by Tori Danielle

American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy is a talented man and is successful at many things which include teasing the ever living hell out of us! He’s always leaving subtle hints of what’s to come via Instagram and other social media accounts. So far, all we really know about the new season is three big things: the theme will take plus around the 2016 election, the official cast members, and our favorite sadistic clown with the best smile in town is back – Twisty!

Accurate portrayal of me *patiently* waiting for the newest season:

The current rumors are that next week the title for the seventh season of American Horror Story will be revealed and we will finally have a better idea of what the season will entail – fingers crossed! Until then, Murphy is bound to tease us more and more. Just recently he posted 3 new images on Instagram with vague descriptions.

I'm Gagging

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Full Moon Flag

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American Horror Story Holes

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One has to wonder how many more cryptic images he will post and what they all mean. I can’t wait to find out and hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for the official release date as well. Stay tuned for more updates as they come!