American Horror Story – True Horror


By: Jena Chisholm – American Horror Story Blogger

I’ve read a lot of articles over the past couple days. They all had one common theme, criticizing American Horror Story for copying other horror movies. I’ve been in love with horror most of my life. I’ve seen millions of remakes, that’s just a part of horror. Everyone thinks they can make a horror theme better than the last. American Horror Story did just that and blew my head through the roof.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story has redone a lot of my favorites in their show. The Strangers was the first one that I noticed. I was even convinced for a while that their redoing of The Strangers theme was a “revealing of the real strangers.” I later looked it up and realized it wasn’t, but thinking that while watching that episode made it so much better to me. Us horror fans like to see replications in our movies. We want to see the different approaches to horror. That means we can analyze the movie/show and decide who can do it better.

American Horror Story: Asylum, brought possession, crazy people in a ward, aliens, and psychopaths all together. That is what makes this show so amazing, they bring as much horror to the table as they possibly can. They even bring real life horror into their show. Remember, The Black Dalia was murdered in the house in Season 1 and Anne Frank, sort of, showed up in Briarcliff.

American Horror Story
The name of the show is AMERCIAN HORROR STORY. Basically with a name like they are allowed to take on American classics and turn them into their own. They are just showing us what true American Horror is all about. They are also reminding us of the movies we love, yet flipping them so that we can love both and not even feel bad about it.