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American Horror Story will take place in the future, but what part of the future? Entertainment Weekly reports that American Horror Story Season 8 is going Sci-Fi and no it will not take place in space. Murphy tells ET, “All I’ll say about it is I want to go to the future – still topical, but the future, which I’ve never done.” Murphy did not disclose how far into the future. Decades? Years? I guess that we will just have to wait and see, bummer!
There were rumors that Season 8 was going to be the Murder/Coven crossover but this will not be the case. Murphy tells ET, “We’re working on it, but it’s not going to be the next season. Next season is season 8, and it’ll probably be the one after that. We’ve already met about it and outlined it, but it won’t be next because some of the people are not available.”
Season 8 set in the future, however that crossover of Murder/Coven sounds pretty damn impressive, I am looking forward to seeing how that pans out. Keep checking back with us for more updates on American Horror Story Season 8. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season and the potential Season 9 crossover? Sound off in the comments below.
American Horror Story does not have a premiere date as of yet.


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