‘American Horror Story Season 7’ Title Announced

This seems to be the week of the American Horror Story.

With a cast announcement and a sleek new teaser that pays homage to “It,” co-creator Ryan Murphy has been a busy boy.

Now comes perhaps the best news of all, the title:  “CULT”

This seems to answer a few questions about the plot of the story, but as usual with the series, it doesn’t give away too much.

The teaser art implies cells in a beehive.

It’s been said since the end of “Roanoke,” this year’s AHS would focus on the U.S. 2017 presidential election and from what we have seen so far that seems to be true.

It looks like The Purge meets The Star Chamber.

Murphy dropped many hints on his Instagram feed over the past several weeks, including a man covered in bees, an ominous drawing of a ghoul in bondage and a pic of a pitted face titled “American Horror Story Holes.”

As per usual, the man knows how to elongate suspense but really gives us nothing by way of cohesive hint-dropping.

Every season Murphy gives America a pop culture Mensa test in logical reasoning which everyone seems to fail, but this year it appears he’s gone a bit easier on his subjects.

American Horror Story season 7:  will premiere on FX September 5, 2017.