Is There An Addams Family Series Coming To Netflix?


My messenger got flooded this morning with this trailer of the The Addams Family series coming to Netflix.  Being a huge horror fan… I noticed other movies in it right away… thus debunking it as real.  However, this just shows that the demand for more Addams Family is out there… if they do it right that is.  Take a look at the FAKE trailer here… and see if it stirs a little interest in actually seeing this come into reality one day.

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet was falling in love with a web show called Adult Wednesday Addams before it was pulled from the web.

All episodes of Adult Wednesday Addams have been completely pulled off the web. The inner details of this have been brought to our attention, just today, and we will be writing an update article explaining what really happened.  In any case, the point of bringing up this past story was to show just how much interest us fans still have in these family members!

Wednesday Addams YouTube Show
Melissa Hunter’s YouTube channel

Seeing how popular this FAKE teaser is… maybe they’ll take a real look at it’s possibility.  If anyone know of a real The Addams Family show coming in the future… let us know at