9 of the Sexiest Reality TV Ghost Hunters Alive

Trying to track ghosts on an EMF meter while your face is awash in the green hue of nightvison for reality TV isn’t a flattering look, but someone has to do it.

Whether you’re male or female, and you chose to watch the numerous ghost hunting shows on your TV source, one thing’s for sure: ghosthunting is a sexy job and who else better to keep the living and dead engaged between solid evidence than with those who are easy on our eyes and hearts.

The following selection of people are in no particular order, and we’re sure we missed someone, but it’s a nice starter kit of ghosthunting TV personalities who put the haute in haunted.

Grant Wilson

The OG Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters) – This original reality ghosthunter has a quiet style. His sex appeal lies in his nerdy nature and devotion to family. The bromance between him and his bestie Jason Hawes is best described as polar opposites.

Hawes always seemed a little more hot-headed when it came to controlling the team, but Wilson always smoothed things over with charming aplomb.

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) The pretty boy of Paranormal Activity, and perhaps the most hyperbolic, first came onto the scene of incorporeal connectivity in a 2004 documentary called “Ghost Adventures,” whose namesake was also used in a subsequent reality show for Travel Channel.

The buff, and always bronzed investigator, became the pin-up boy of EMF readings and otherworldly digital recorder captures.

In one episode after an invisible attack, Bagans removed his shirt to expose his well-kept physique through the green hue of an infrared camera.

So successful and recognizable in the world of ghost hunting, Bagans has amassed quite a following of fans and plans to open up a haunted museum in Las Vegas for all the cursed items he has acquired over the past decade.

Nick Groff

Nick Groff (Paranormal Lockdown) – This hirsute spirit chaser ain’t afraid of no ghosts and his just-as-sexy sidekick, Katrina Weidman often has to be the voice of reason when they spend 72 hours confined and alone in their docu-series Paranormal Lockdown.

The hazel-eyed Nick is an alumni of Bagans’ show, but has become a brand of his own, facing down evil spirits in paranormal Pyrrhic victories. He has been known to have malignant spirits follow him home occasionally.

Elizabeth Saint (Ghosts of Shepherdstown) The supermodel of the supernatural, Saint is a woman who may distract the viewer from seeing evidence as it happens. Perhaps that is why the “replay” button is pushed so many times on her show Ghosts of Shepherdstown.

Her beauty is increased by the breadth of her intellect when she visits locals to investigate properties and locations renown for their ghostly remnants.

Saint is also a sensitive who can immediately feel the true nature of a presence when she enters a building.

Adam Berry

Adam Berry (Kindred Spirits) The original out gay ghost hunter has a following of his own. The blonde headed cutie originally won a spot next to Grant and Howe after winning a “Ghost Hunter” casting contest.

More Teen Beat that GQ, Berry addresses a demographic that has been underrepresented in the field of paranormal investigating. He can sometimes become a little spooked during a hunt, but his partner Amy Bruni is always there to reassure his safety.

Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni (Kindred Spirits) Speaking of Bruni, she is also a graduate of “Ghost Hunters” and as mentioned before, is the second half to Adam Berry on Kindred Spirits.

Red-headed and tenacious, Bruni is not afraid to match smarts with the most tenured intellectual incorporeal.

So dedicated to her work, Bruni continued to investigate locations while pregnant. Now that’s pretty sexy.


Juwan Mass (Ghost Brothers) – New to the genre, Chicago-born Juwan accompanies his posse, the Ghost Brothers, to locations that less-confident people would otherwise avoid.

He and his “Brothers” co-star Dalen Spratt met at Clark Atlanta University, where they would discuss their interests in paranormal activity.

Ryan Buell (Paranormal State) – Sadly this demon chaser has had some rough times with the law recently, but before all the controversy, Ryan did some pretty in depth investigating.

Intrepid and book smart, Ryan tried to help families whose homes were infested with the unknown, and if he couldn’t figure out what the problem was he opened his contact list to people such as demonologist Lorraine Warren and medium Chip Coffey.

His diary entry after each episode carried not only a synopsis of the case, but new clues to answers he needed to solve a mystery that plagued his own life.

Kris Williams

Kris Williams (Ghost Hunters) – If Elizabeth Saint is the supermodel to the supernatural, then Kris Williams is her runway companion.

Williams is a graduate of Ghost Hunters academy, and appears to be the TED Talks of haunted houses.

She often defends her choice of careers, saying that fans may be wanting instant gratification of evidence where it may take hours or days to gather.

“The biggest problem is our audience has become desensitized,” said Williams in an interview. “They want to see chairs being levitated and being thrown. They want to see people being possessed. It’s impossible. And you have the honest investigators stuck in the middle of this trying to make the show interesting without being a fraud.”

Of course this list could go on and on; Television demands that their stars are easy on the eyes, and reality ghosthunting has no shortage of that among their ranks.

But the people mentioned above are the ones I think have brought sex appeal to their brand, either by their countenance, intellectual repute, or both.

And of course, horror readers, you have your own ideas of what is sexy and if I’ve not listed your favorite here, feel free to add them in the comments below.