Written by Patti Pauley

A horror VHS blanket designed with gorgeous ’80s VHS horror art? Be still my black heart..

Long gone are the days where I would look forward to our weekly trips to the local mom and pop video rental store as in modern society, streaming technology reigns King. Sure, it’s convenient. I won’t deny that; especially during those days where pants are thine enemy and I like to cocoon myself in the house. Still though, there was just something magical about browsing that corner video store and relishing in the beauty of VHS horror art. And let’s talk science here, the horror game had all other genres beat when it came to VHS box art.


horror vhs blanket


Well, while the glory days of Video Time and Action Video may be behind us, VHS horror art lives on through the fans and horror artists who dedicate their love to the genre in preserving the long-lost art. Whether you’re an artist at Fright-Rags, Scream Factory, Horror Decor, or an Etsy seller, we salute the shit out of you. And now we can add Rage On! to that list.


The website has an array of horror VHS items such as shirts and phone cases. But this massively, snugglesome blanket and sneakers are pretty much the bee’s knees. What’s better, if you sign up you get 10% off your first order on top of these beauties being on sale right now!


Horror VHS Blanket

horror vhs

Horror VHS Sneakers




If you look closely, the VHS art includes such cult classics as Silent Night, Deadly Night, Chopping Mall, The Video Dead, Prom Night II, and dozens more. Magnificent. Excuse me while I empty my wallet.