8-Bit “Stranger Things” Toys from Funko Headed to Target in November

Funko just announced a brand new set of figures that will be headed to Target stores in November based on 8-bit versions of characters from the hit Netflix horror show Stranger Things!

The popular show, which returns this month for season two, has previously been released by the company in different versions, but these draw inspiration directly from the time period of the show and the games that many of us played in the 1980s.

Check out the new characters below!

First up is the intrepid Dustin!

Lucas comes complete with camo headband!

Next up is Mike!

Can you even do a Stranger Things collection with Eleven?  And can you have Eleven with Eggos?

As you can see, each character comes with that classic 8-bit rendering ready for your next night playing video games at your friend’s place or heading for the local arcade!  Collectors of Funko figures and fans of the show will not want to miss these awesome new collector items!

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