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When it comes to iconic slashers, there really is no one like Freddy who can cleverly dispose of those teenage pesky “piggies”, as he so lovingly refers to his victims. The Nightmare series as a whole is filled to the brim with memorable, bloody as hell Freddy Krueger kills; but there’s a few in my eyes that stand out among the rest in the extraordinary department of death that lies in the cleverly thought out corner of Krueger’s boiler room.

Throughout the franchise, Krueger plays on his victim’s deepest fears as a final slap, er slash rather, and sometimes the casualties are unique and even a little artistic in a twisted fuck kind of way. One has to appreciate just how different these death scenes are from any other slasher film of the 80s’ and the originality brought to the table makes for some truly unforgettable scenes from the films. It’s these types of deaths that have led me to believe that today’s films like Saw and Final Destination have taken notes from Freddy on how to stand out in a film when tearing someone’s head off their body.

Re-reading that back to myself, holy Mother Amanda, I am one disturbed individual. Good thing I’ve accepted said realization years ago when I sold my soul for a donut like a deranged Homer Simpson.

freddy krueger kills

Besides the fact your author here is calling the brutal deaths of teenagers by the Springwood Slasher artsy-fartsy, I think we can all concur to some degree the point I’m trying to make here. Some of these scenes are just memorable as fuck and absolutely stand out among other kills in the franchise. So, enough with the babble; on to my top 5 unique Freddy Krueger kills!

5. Ron Grady

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

I thought long and hard on whether to include this or not. But I just wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably tonight had I left this little gem out of this article, and here’s why: Ron Grady’s inanimate death may have been basic with a mere grab and slash, but it was the nail-biting tension and Jesse’s transformation that really made this death a memorable one. Freddy’s face busting out of a scared as hell Jesse Walsh’s chest, a scene that could even rival 1979 Alien‘s chest burster sequence, is truly spectacular to witness and when it’s all over, you have a teary eyed Jesse in the corner realizing that the Freddy entity has just made him kill his best bud in the film. It’s actually quite tragically sad in a sense when looking at this from Jesse’s mentally strained angle.

Credit: SaneelGB

4. Carlos Rodriguez

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

UGH! Nails on a chalkboard indeed is the worst; so I can only imagine how the scrapping of Freddy’s glove along the latter could be enough to induce a Scanners-like scenario. Freddy takes advantage of Carlos’ disability and turns the dial up a notch in the audible kill department by dragging him through a dream sequence that suggests our victim had an abusive childhood which may have ultimately impaired his hearing. The torture continues with Freddy slowly and aggressively working on Carlos’ eardrums until his damn head just explodes. Carlos always felt like one of the nicest and most likable characters of the entire series; so I always felt a little bad for this guy that was given this drawn out and seemingly painful death. Still a cool scene tho!

Credit: Pableke Browning Hodder

3. Dan Jordan

Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

The fastest man on three legs really must have pissed Krueger off to get this kind of death; Surviving the Dream Master film has its consequences. The images were so brutal, or I guess too brutal for 1989 ratings, that Dan’s death scene was heavily edited to avoid an X rating from the MMPA. Luckily for us, we have the footage thanks to the fine folks of the Interwebs, as you can see below Dan’s unedited death scene in all its gruesome, twisted Ghost Rider glory.

Credit: Deleted Horror Scenes

2. Debbie Stevens

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Debbie was about as tough as they come as far as potential Freddy foes, but alas, the fear of little roaches were her kryptonite; and Krueger used that to his full advantage ruthlessly. Debbie’s cockroach transformation to this day, stands out as one of the godammn raddest excerpts from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Slowly succumbing to the insect kingdom, Krueger traps the body building beauty inside a roach motel, where Debbie ultimately meets her fate. My only gripe beyond this visual excellence is that we never get to really see Debbie at her full potential in a face-off with Krueger. Damn you Katsaridaphobia!!

Credit: MrDeliriaframe

1. Phillip Anderson

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I feel like this would be almost unanimous in saying Phillip’s death from Dream Warriors was clearly the most unique, and frankly coolest of all the films. Of course, if you feel like I should have my head stuffed in a sack full of flesh-eating maggots for saying so, feel free to comment below with your choice and why! I love Nightmare talk and debate!

Anywho, not only for me personally, was this the most terrifying and original- excuse me, creepy Freddy puppet everyone- of the entire franchise, it also looks painful AS FUCK! Your tendons used as some twisted marionette show that leads you to a fatal leap off the top floor of Westin Hills; all while your friends are watching nonetheless. The whole scene is just filmed so beautifully and when I think of Dream Warriors, this is the first image that always comes to mind. Phillip being puppeteered through the hospital halls in agonizing pain with a look of absolute terror on his face. Chilling.

Credit: LeoTekkenfan

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