5 Horror Movies No One Talks About Anymore


There are so many great horror movies. And every year we get a few more. This leads to great movies leaving the public consciousness, and soon people start forgetting about them. I accumulated some movies that I adore but seldom hear anyone talk about anymore, even though everyone did when they were released.



Tony Todd is a horror legend, and that is mostly thanks to this movie. Still I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about Candyman in years. The story is very similar to the Bloody Mary myth. Walk up to a mirror, say Candyman five times and he will appear. He’ll also attack and kill anyone around you.

What makes this movie great is that it’s not your typical slasher story. Maybe Candyman doesn’t even exist; maybe it was all in the main characters head, and she is killing all these people. Who knows? But that’s what makes this movie great.

Adding to that are great visuals and some very graphic scenes. Also of course Tony Todd as the titular Candyman.

Damn I said it five times. Now he is coming to get me…

The Girl Next Door

Based on a book by Jack Ketchum that is based on a true event, The Girl Next Door is about a girl who was held captive and abused by her aunt and cousins. It really got into the minds of a lot of people. Everyone was talking about it because of the brutality. Then silence.

This movie is really good at keeping you on the edge. From the beginning you realize that something is not right. And when we finally reach the point of no return, the movie does not pull any punches.

It is well shot, well acted and has an intriguing story. Still, since the release no one ever mentioned it.

Not this version though. Source.


French Horror movie Martyrs

Another movie mostly mentioned for its brutality, Martyrs is about a girl who wants revenge. After fleeing torture, she comes back years later to confront and kill her tormentors. But she is still haunted by her past.

It’s French, and some people might not like subtitles, but you should push passed this and watch it anyway. It’s scary, horrible and awesome all at the same time. And in the end it makes you think,,not just about what you just saw, but also about philosophy and religion.

As with The Girl Next Door, it was celebrated for its brutality and scares, but quickly forgotten about. Even the bad remake could not really get the talk going again.

Horror of Martyrs

Sweeney Todd

Horror Musical Sweeney Todd

Not the scariest movie on this list, not the greatest musical of all time, but one of the best horror musicals for sure. Sweeney Todd is about the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He was done wrong by the people of London, and now he comes back to take revenge.

Tim Burton’s style makes this movie. He is great in these gothic-settings, and what is more gothic than Victorian England? The songs are catchy, the acting is good and there is actually quite a bit of blood and gore.

How many horror musicals are there? Maybe two? So the least we can do is talk a bit more about this recent, big budget production.

Horror musical sweeney todd

Final Destination

Even though the sequels went a bit crazy, Final Destination is still a great movie and should be a classic.

Horror movie final destination

A teenager has a vision of his whole class dying in a plane explosion on their trip to Paris. When he panics, he and a few others are forced off the plane. Then the plane really explodes. The group of teenagers (and one attractive young teacher) all cheated death. And now Death is coming back to get them.

Final Destination was such a fun time with a great idea: death coming to get you while making it look like an accident. But after the fifth movie was released, talk about them quickly died down. I think it’s still one of the great horror movies that should not be forgotten.

horror explosion in Final Destination

Maybe you’ve heard of these movies. Hopefully all of them. But you should really talk more about these movies. Maybe re-watch one of them tonight? Have fun.

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