Who doesn’t love a good monster movie? Feast is predominately a monster flick but uses gore so excessively and is so over the top it would please any gore hound fan.  Not a single character can die in this movie without it being brutal. From having your entire head shredded to being used as a human battering ram Feast delivers on the gore front and isn’t afraid to deliver on the violence.

Feast was popular enough to warrant 2 sequels being made but be warned they take on a drastically different tone from the first, taking a similar route to the Evil Dead franchise. As the sequels went on they dipped more and more into horror comedy that by the time the final installment rolled around, it was easily the goriest comedy I have ever seen before in my life.

Credit: Feast (the movie) wiki.com

Be prepared for nonstop monster action and characters so incredibly stupid it will make your brain hurt.  But hey, it’s part of the fun right?


Last on the list we have none other than Victor Crowley himself star of Hatchet, which is basically a riff of the formula established in the Friday the 13th franchise but with a little charm added to differentiate it. The biggest difference being is that Victor Crowley is a ghost who died in a fire as a child, and now takes revenge on anyone who enters his swamp at night, as a grown ass man with some serious anger management issues.

Much like FeastHatchet did well enough to warrant two sequels be made, each one trying to up the gore factor even more than the previous entry. Hatchet is another slasher and gore hound flick just like The Hills Run Red but this entry is so creative with it’s kills it’s a literal pain to watch.  Victor dispatches people in many ways insanely large chainsaw, a belt sander, or even his own titular hatchet.


Credit: basementrejects.com

In one scene we watch Victor reverse bear trap someone and rip her jaw and face clean in half with his bare hands.  If that isn’t enough to satisfy any gore hound fan, then don’t worry there are far more gruesome kills to witness as the movies progress.

And that is the real charm of Hatchet is that the kills are as gruesome as they are painfully entertaining to watch. Not only that but the character development flows between the 3 movies with Victor starting out as vengeful spirit that you almost feel bad for, before turning into a literal monster in the 3rd installment.  Or how our final girl Marybeth grows and constantly returns to the swamp looking to continue her fight against Victor and finally end his bloody reign over the swamp.