47 METERS DOWN Trailer, High In Shark Infested Horror!


Summer’s just around the corner! Which means blockbuster movies, vacation, swimming, and movies about shark infested waters! A winning combination. And audiences will have their first taste of shark related terror with 47 METERS DOWN, which just had a new trailer release!

The movie follows two sisters, Lisa (Played by Mandy Moore) and Kate (Played by Claire Holt) who decide to get an extra thrill for their trip down to Mexico by going on a shark dive. Encased in a cage and close enough to touch the great white sharks surrounding them…. though it wouldn’t be recommended. The serenity of nature turns into terror as the cable to the cage breaks, and the sisters are marooned 47 meters below the water’s surface! Low on air and time, they must find a way to escape to the top before they become chum!

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47 METERS DOWN looks to be a tense, aquatic thriller featuring a pack of horror’s most majestic oceanic predator, the great white shark. Solving that too common problem of why don’t people just stay out of the water? In this case, because they’re marooned in a cage at the bottom of it.

The film has a June 23rd theatrical release date, and here’s the full trailer below!