Re-Animator – Chris Fischer

Re-Animator TV Show

Loosely based on the H. P. Lovecraft episodic novella Herbert West–Reanimator, the 1985 cult-horror film about a mad doctor, who develops a green glowing formula that brings dead corpses back to life with a hilarious results and a new meaning to phrase “Getting Head”.

The Film itself spawned 2 sequels with a 3rd in Development hell.  Time to get the Re-animator formula out and re-animate this corpse! It is perfect for a small screen adaptation. Director Stuart Gordon had originally devised it as a half-hour television pilot because of the episodic nature of Lovecraft’s novella. But he later revised into a feature film.

So how could it be done?  A good idea would be to take a page from the Ash vs The Evil Dead‘s evil playbook. Bring back some of the original creative team.  Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna, and Jeffrey Combs. Have it be a sequel of sorts…  Jeffrey Combs’ Herbert West show a new student the ropes. That way it could be a Re-boot as well.

REanimator on TV

Re-Animator always had a dark mix of horror/comedy, it could also push the limits of gore and comedy. Jeffrey Combs is genius as Herbert West and seeing him back in the role would be an awesome treat. Hey, the possibilities are endless and a Crossover event with Ash vs The Evil Dead would be an epic cult horror event.

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