The Conjuring – James Jay Edwards

Conjuring TV Show

Riding on its success at the box office, The Conjuring would make a smash hit TV series. Structurally, it would be set up like The X-Files, with each episode introducing a monster-of-the-week, but the overall story arc would still create a greater mythology about the Warrens.

The show would work its way through the case files of Ed and Lorraine on a weekly basis while exploring their lives and relationship over the course of the season. Maybe television audiences would even get a look at the famous and infamous Warren Demon Werewolf case.

Conjuring on TV

Of course, Ed and Lorraine would have to be played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, because who else? They know the characters, and with his turn on Fargo and her run on Bates Motel, both have television experience.

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