Saw – Tiffi Alarie


It almost feels as though Saw is already a TV series, doesn’t it? Or, at least, given the fact that we’re reaping a reboot succeeding “The Final Chapter“, it certainly wants to be– whether it knows it or not. The series’ writers were always quick to churn out the freshest little morsels of gore with their traps, every October like clockwork, for the years they were active– and clearly, they’re chomping at the bit to drench us with more! So why not a new one each week? 
Each of Jigsaw’s pupils would have the opportunity for a more fleshed out story, given their own individual hour to be explored. It would allow for the show-runners to give them more time to realize all that they’ve taken for granted– and thus, all the more knowledge to escape (but of course, not too often!) The puzzle would fit all the more closely, and we would be treated to shiny (er, rusty) new traps. As far as traumatic experiences go, it’s a win all around!
Who to Cast
The originals, of course! Tobin Bell (whether currently, or through flashbacks– though I’d prefer current) and Shawnee Smith would ideally be running the game.
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