31 Scary Story Nights: October 10th “The Disappearing Hitchhiker”

Is it really October 11th already?  It must be!  Halloween is drawing closer and we have another scary story for you!  Tonight’s tale is a staple in the urban legend set.  It’s called The Disappearing Hitchhiker and it’s probably been told around more campfires and at late night sleepovers than you can imagine.

There are numerous variations to the tale, but I’m going to tell you mine.  Feel free to change the locations to fit your own town or city.  It just makes it more interesting and scary if it sounds like it happened nearby!

All right, everyone get ready.  It’s time to take a drive…

***Writer’s Note:  We here at iHorror are big proponents of responsible parenting.  Some of the stories in this series may be too much for your little ones.  Please read ahead and decide if your kids can handle this story!  If not, find another story for tonight or simply come back to see us tomorrow.  In other words, don’t blame me for your kids nightmares!***

The Disappearing Hitchhiker as retold by Waylon Jordan

Max was driving home late one Saturday night from visiting a friend in Dallas.  Home was back in Greenville and he had left later than he intended.

Parts of Interstate 30 are lonely late at night and drowsiness was setting in so much so that when he first saw the young woman on the side of the highway, he though it was his imagination.  He sat up straighter and blinked a few times and sure enough she was still there with her hand out for a ride.

Max hit the brakes and pulled to the side of the road just beyond where she stood.  She ran to the passenger window.

“Can you take me home?”

“Uh…sure,” Max replied.  “Yeah, of course, I can.”

Max unlocked the door and popped it open for the young woman to climb inside.  She was wearing a filmy white dress and he realized she was stunningly beautiful!

“Where do you live, miss…?”

“Julia,”  she replied.  “I live at 2507 Ridgemont Dr. in Fate.”

“Got it,”  Max said, pulling back onto the highway.  “You’re out late, Julia.  Did you have car trouble?”

“Car trouble? Yes…,” Julia replied.  “It’s a long story, though.  I’ll tell you the rest when you get me home.”

“All right,” Max replied.

He followed her directions to a small house on the outskirts of Fate.  Despite the late hour, a light was still on in the front room.

“Well, Miss Julia, we’re here.”

But when Max turned to the passenger seat, Julia was gone.  She’d simply vanished.

He sat for a long time staring at that empty seat before getting out of this car and walking to the door of the home to knock.  A tired looking man answered as though he’d been waiting for him.

“I’m sorry to bother you so late, sir,” Max started.


“Yes!  Yes, Julia.  I was bringing her home and she just…she vanished from my car.”

“I know, son.  My daughter Julia died in a car accident almost a year ago.  It’s only been in the last couple of months, though, that she’s started trying to get home.  I’ve been staying up later so I could answer the door for whatever poor fella was unlucky enough to pick her up.  She’s dead son, and she’s just trying to get home…”

The man closed the door and Max stood there shaking.  It was a long while before he could climb back into his car to drive the rest of the way home.

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Poor thing…I wonder if Julia ever made it back home?  Considering this story is told in every part of the country with a hundred different names…probably not.  Ah well.

That’s all for tonight, readers, but make sure you come back again tomorrow for another Scary Story Night in our countdown to Halloween!