(UPDATE JUNE. 12th 2016) Here is a list of those horror movies on Netflix  that you probably haven’t seen, but should. <TRAILERS INCLUDED> My favorite kind of horror, ‘THE SLEEPER HORROR’.  If you’re like me, and you’re always looking for that horror movie you haven’t seen, or that movie you want to pull out that you know your friends haven’t seen–and its a really good horror flick–then this is the list for you.

We all have seen the Friday the 13th’s, the Texas Chainsaw Massacres, and all those other mainstream scary movies, but in this list of 25, I bet there are several you haven’t seen.  So get to it! Shut all the lights off, get your blanket, call your friends over, and click one of these films on NETFLIX to start your scary night experience.

All the trailers are included on this list for you to take a peek.  I dare you, you won’t be sorry.


by Glenn Packard– director of the upcoming slasher film PITCHFORK –

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This movie is honestly one fucked-up situation and that’s why it’s so good.

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A group of five mountaineers are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they discover a young Serbian girl buried in a small chamber in the wilderness. They become caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers as they try to get the girl to safety.

[youtube id=”XP5g_QKv7Gw”]


Lacy (Keri Russell) and Daniel Barrett (Josh Hamilton) share a peaceful life in the suburbs with their sons, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett). However, that peace soon shatters with a series of disturbing events that escalate.

[youtube id=”l1t8OZn_uhE”]



In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage against the mob responsible. A horde of bloodthirsty cannibal zombies complicates matters. 

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Director Marcus Nispel seeks asylum

A group of teenagers accidentally release an evil spirit that starts to possess them one by one.

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  1. If you cant watch the live streams due to geo restricted content in your Country then used PureVPN.

  2. yes babadook is one of the most boring horror movies made… it makes me wonder about all the other picks this guy liked..

  3. Odd Thomas isn’t scary, but it’s one of my favorite all-time movies!! i didn’t make it through Babadook,fell asleep, not sure if i’ll try again.

  4. Babadook was awesome. I’ve only seen I Saw The Devil, Babadook, and Troll Hunter on this list, but all three are top tier movies.

  5. I’m not so sure that Troll Hunter is a horror film. It’s more of an adventure film, and it’s not scary at all.

  6. One of my favorites is the signal (not the hacker based movie that came out in ’14) don’t think it’s on Netflix anymore though.. great acting, great story and concept, plus I love violent movies with comic relief. Check it out

  7. After all the hype about Babadook-finally watched it-was really, really disappointed. The little boy saved that movie, otherwise wasn’t worth the time.

  8. For everyone talking shit about Babadook, please tell me what horror movie in the last ten years has been even REMOTELY good. As a horror buff, I can confidently say that not only was it good, but it beats out most modern horror movies with ease. Sorry if your tiny minds can’t grasp the horror of it.

  9. GUYS do not waste your time watching the babadook or the taking of Deborah Logan they are very poorly made and they and neither scary nor good now this is my opinion

  10. I thought I had run out of horrors to watch, but now I have some more to watch thanks to this list!

  11. I won’t make a judgement on babadook yet, but as far as movies in the past ten years, I would say you are completely overlooking movies like Inside, Frontieres, Martyrs, and numerous other fantastic horror movies associated with the New French Extremity movement.

  12. I watched the wrong movie.
    I watched EXPELLED instead of THE EXPELLED. I kept waiting for the horror to start. Its Ferris Bueller 2015.
    U might wanna check it out if u can handle the cheese

  13. The babadook?
    Soooo overhyped. Its no better than all the crappy christian haunted family thrillers that habe assaulted american aduiences for the past 10 years.

  14. Omg THE EXPELLED had the most obnoxious ending of any film ever.
    You never have any idea whatsoever whos killing or why.
    They go for this heavy sweeping emotional ending and an obnoxious question of ethics… but they leave it all TOTALLY unanswered. I mean you know who lives and who dies and that theyre definitely dying as the survivor drives away but its OBNOXIOUS that that there was absolutely no info at all on who or why.
    Too Bad. I liked it till then

  15. How about the Conjuring and Sinister? The Happening was ok, as was devil. But the zombie movies of the early to mid 2000’s were great!|

  16. There hasn’t been a decent horror in years. The cast always look too polished, there’s too much CGI & there’s no tension. In the 70s and 80s, we had Alien, Aliens, The Amityville Horror, Evil Dead, The Thing etc. Hollywood needs to look at these films and try to learn from them rather than just trying to remake them because the remakes are invariably crap.

  17. I saw Odd Thomas but not so much a Scary Movie. I recommend it though. Made me wish for more since there is a long list of Odd Thomas books out there.

  18. This list lost a lot of credibility when it praised the town that dreaded sundown…I’m from Texarkana, and this movie wasn’t even filmed there…the opening is the only actual footage of the town… The film is an insult, not to mention laughable.

  19. This post is for movies that most people have not seen that are into horror films sooo stop complaining about Babadook and see it for what it is. If you found something to watch in your spare time from this post that was interesting watch ) I think this list is pretty cool.

  20. Stake land was the only good one on the list. Such a terrible pick for movies. Some of these are unwatchable they are so bad.

  21. The fact that Babadook even makes an appearance on this list, let alone making number 1 makes me question the list’s credibility. The film plays out like a lie told by a child, with plot holes and unanswered, unnecessary, and completely ridiculous events that don’t even make it remotely acceptable as a finished product. Absolutely one of the worst films I have ever endured.

  22. I’m a fan of the “extreme horror” movement, but at the same time, those cater to a whole different class of fan. I think that most people who like horror movies prefer something less believable and less, well, extreme. The premise they seem to search is just enough to be passably creepy while maintaining a strict deniability of the possibility.

    Knowing that there are enough psychopaths in the world to make some of the extremity flicks be quasi-believable is what turns people off. That, and they just don’t want to see the depravity the human mind is capable of.

    While I personally can appreciate those types of films and would classify them as “true” horror, you have to remember that most people seem to prefer the “oh no, I spilled my popcorn, hahaha” type flicks instead of the truly horrific.

  23. The babadook SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED! It was boring at best and not in the least bit scary. The ending was awful. How it even made this list is beyond comprehension.

  24. Per the recommendation I watched The Canal and found it to be terrific. For what its worth, I am very picky.

  25. Troll Hunter?! Are you kidding me? lol… why the heck is that on the list. I’m a baby when it comes to scary movies and that movie was a joke. Not scary at all….

  26. Ugh, please stop telling me that movies in a foreign language will be scary. I’m busy reading the subtitles and I’m missing everything. American movies get translated to tons of languages, we can’t have a few movies translated to english to enjoy the fun?

  27. 20 TOP HORROR FILMS ON NETFLIX: Scary Movies You Haven’t Seen But Should
    This is an article about decent horror films on Netflix that you probably might not have scene. Of course they aren’t as scary as most of the horror films we have all grown to love. I don’t know what horror movies are on your Netflix but my list sucks and its refreshing if I get something like Babadook. Luckly I have a horror stash to binge on when needed.

  28. The people who put down “The Babadook” make me sad because they don’t know good horror when they see it. Sorry if you need your horror to include constant jump scares and unlimited amounts of gore. Some people like creepy atmospheric horror that makes them think. I’m also gonna assume they’re the same ones who enjoy stuff like “Sorority Row” or “The Haunting in Connecticut”.

  29. Yeah, you can definitely tell the difference in true horror fans and the new-age ‘gorror’ people who don’t know how to be scared or creeped out, but like cheap ‘boo!’ moments adn copious amounts of blood. The Babadook is one of the best horror movies in years, and true horror fans know it.

  30. Meh, Zombie movies don’t qualify for this debate, I loved many of the Zombie movies of the last few years, but I don’t consider them horror, they’re more action/survival movies now, not meant to scare you. As for obscure movements in the film industry, I don’t have the time or inclination to seek out movies, they have to be readily available, if something is good, it comes to light. If you made an awesome movie and no one knows about it, it’s still a bad movie, publicity is half the battle.

  31. I’d prefer a “scare me out of my seat, can’t sleep for days” horror movie honestly, but the problem is I don’t really care for horror movies based on the madness of humanity, crazy people do crazy things…so what? Why would I be afraid? I live in a good community, I have home protection, and I in no way live a high risk lifestyle. I want something that’s going to twist my mind in so many ways that by the end of the movie I’m just saying “Nope, nope, nope, nope” over and over.

  32. a LOT of those movies weren’t scary… Hell, Grabber’s was a riot. I mean how else are the Irish supposed to save the world except by getting drunk! Genius!

  33. I feel like most everyone who dislikes the Babadook doesn’t really understand it. The Babadook is a metaphor for grief, and it’s done brilliantly. Of course people can like jumpscare/gore movies, and others can like more psychological/atmospheric horror. I fall into the latter category and so I thoroughly enjoyed The Babadook.

  34. I actually enjoyed Babadook….however, once actually seeing Babadook I didn’t find it scary….and the whole feeding thing was odd. I mean maybe they were just trying to mimic a children’s book illustration for the makeup of Babadook…but I always feel that less is more in horror……Leave more to the imagination. I would love suggestions on good scary movies out there from fellow horror lovers! Has anyone else seen House of the Devil? Made me jump a few times too…ending was eh…but I appreciated the style

  35. okay… First off. Babadook was horrible. Literally terrible to watch. It has nothing to do with not understanding it. Actually, the metaphor isn’t particularly clever. Dead Silence was waaay better. Insidious (the first one) was waay better. Babadook was just plain bad.

  36. Eh it’s pretty subjective really. Dead Silence and Insidious were pretty much filled with cheap jumpscares and what not while the Badadook only has like 3 small pretty subtle jump scares. The movie is mostly about the eerie atmosphere and is more of a drama than actual horror. Kinda wish they showed the monster less since the concept is more scarier than the monster itself. But like I said it’s completely subjective. The reason why the Badadook receives a lot of praise is because it doesn’t rely on jump scares or is always in your face and is more subtle.

  37. I think you totally nailed it. The new-age horror fans want gore and carnage, certainly not a slow burn. This movie is too sophisticated, in a sense, for them. I really like the word ‘gorror’, good stuff!

  38. The babadook is NOT horror … The exorcist is horror … The babadook was very predictable and wasn’t scary to me …. maybe a little creepy at best. I was very disappointed. Some people obviously liked it but some people liked The Blair Witch 2 🙂

  39. The Babadook could of been scary but feel way short … Movies like The Possession in 2012 was scarier to me …. even though it wasn’t a awesome movie, I thought it was better than the Babadook.

  40. While I live on both sides the horror movie fence, gore and jumps vs. Thought provoking horror, I have not seen Babadook but having read your post I will need to give it a shot.

  41. I’m the same – been a gorehound for most of my life, but also I just love good, scary movies. The Babadook is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I totally expected it to be overhyped by the time I saw it, but it holds up and I cannot recommend it enough.

  42. Amen. It’s a brilliant film, and I really do feel like people who don’t like it don’t enjoy thoughtful movies and felt that Hostel was totally awesome, dude.

  43. I love horror films. My favorite was the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. Honestly, I didn’t really like Babadook. It was a little slow… I didn’t really like any of the characters. They were all jerks…even mom got to be a little mean and psychotic. Her sister and her sister’s kids were terrible. Oh yeah, I liked the old lady next door, she was likeable.

    Stake Land was AWESOME. One of the best vampire movies of all time. I love the whole post apocalypse genre. Stake Land was like the Walking Dead, but with vampires. Great film.

  44. Omg…baba dook dook dook.yes the first movie I ever had to turn off, I was so freaked.
    I felt the “dog scene” was just about to happen and…..
    Finally had to finish it the next day. Then my husband watched it about a month later, he had a whole critical analysis of it that fit perfectly. Even made it better….

  45. The Babadook was one of the WORST movies I’ve seen in years. I hated everything about it. The child’s acting was down right wooden and all he did was whine through the WHOLE MOVIE. It goes through your head like an iron spike. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

  46. The taken of Deborah Logan was terrifying…and my bf and I are huge horror that says a lot…it was just….creepy………

  47. E.T Fucking SUCKED. Don’t waste a minute on it. 13 sins on the other hand was quite good.

  48. i watched “The Horde” around halloween 2014 and i enjoyed it very much. For me it held a place in my heart as the third 28 (insert time here) series because of the fact the infected looked about the same and acted kind of the same and the fact that a random infection came outta no where in france which was depicted at the end of 28 Weeks later. albeit it’s obviously not said movie it’s still a good movie to watch

  49. So…I was actually excited about the list until it got to number one. I thought the Babadook was mediocre at best. If that’s your taste then maybe I shouldn’t waste my time with the others :/

  50. Session 9… Kathryn, hats off to you for mentioning Session 9. I feel like it never gets enough love and it is a genuinely creepy movie that doesn’t rely on gore.

  51. Chupa.. if you want to try one that is slower paced but creepy as hell.. I would recommend Session 9.

  52. Watched almost every movie on this list and so far I haven’t seen a bad one yet. All good picks.

  53. Babadook was very lame. Took ages for anything to happen and then it ended. Whole movie could have been summed up in 5 mins.

  54. Babadook was amazing. You’re not qualified to give movie reviews. It was quite an impressive thriller/horror film.

  55. No… Just… No. Provide a quantifiable review or don’t even bother posting at all, jackass.

  56. And you believe you are? Sorry but as you would put it no… just… no. I myself prefer psychological horror opposed to gore and carnage, but Babdook was severly lacking in any form of horror or thrill. It was not amazingly done, it was simple and unintriguing. To those of you that are holding yourself on your “superior horror movie coniseur” pedestals and insulting others because they didn’t understand such a “complex” movie, you aren’t coming off as intellectuals or true horror movie buffs… but simply arrogant. While I wouldn’t necessarily say it is a bad movie, I definitely would not say it is a great movie. It is mediocre at best. But just because i disagree with those that enjoyed it, doesn’t give me the right to insult your intelligence or proclaim that you are not true horror fans. Every one is entitled to their opinions of movies and shouldn’t be insulted for sharing theirs.

  57. Been a long time horror movie fan. I like them all, new horror, zombie fest, a list, b-horror, found footage, indie, EVERYTHING.

    If babadook is #1 on this list then I doubt the rest of the list. I mean, I’ll give some of these a try but Babadook was so bad. It was slow, very few scares and the ending was appalling.

  58. When I was finished watching it, I really felt that the movie would have been MUCH more of an impact if the ‘Babadook’ was actually a metaphor for Multiple Personality Disorder. A lot of the movie seemed to have that sort of feel to it, with a seemingly large emphasis on behavioral issues, mental illness, grief, etc… The ‘Babadook’ being an actual ‘monster’ in the dark really killed the movie for me.

  59. Odd Thomas was amazing, but was really more adventure than horror. Deborah Logan was good – better than I expected it to be. Stakeland…I am not sure what to even think about it. It was good, very good. But I didn’t find it scary in a vampire way…was kind of like the Hills Have Eyes meets Priest meets the Road (the one with Viggo not the one listed here).

  60. it’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

    i have seen almost all of these (dead serious, no pun intended). troll hunter, stakeland, taking of deborah logan; those are good. rites of spring is not so good. the remake of “the town that dreaded sundown” is not as good as the 70s movie, and all of it is based on the real life murders.

    i would advise that when going through netflix, you give movies a chance. there are gems in there.

  61. well that’s the problem. it wasn’t meant to “thrill” you. horror movies didn’t necessarily start with that goal in mind.
    it builds tension and suspense really well, and gets you wondering if the boy is nuts or if the mother is.
    now if you don’t like it, that’s cool. i’m not gonna critique your preferences, but i do wanna point out that good horror isn’t always thrilling or gory; those are things that can be used to heighten the affect of building tension. that’s what horror thrives on.
    (fyi, i’m not a horror “intellecutal” or whatever, but i was literally raised on horror movies…even more than cartoons as a child. so i’m speaking from experience).

  62. So glad to see Babadook as number one. Best horror I’ve seen in many years. I know some might not like it but if you grew up with classic films as I did, then this one was a quick stand out. Unfortunately horror has become all flash and no substance these days so many won’t be able to appreciate how good The Babadook really is. The imagination is much more powerful than gore.

  63. Good thing there were comprehensive descriptions of these moves. Never heard of any of them. However know that I know what their plots are they do sound intriguing. Leave it to Ihorror to give the best, latest news of the horror vein.

  64. I’ve been going through movies on this list for the past few days. Trying to watch one a night. I watched Odd Thomas and am kicking myself for not watching it sooner! I then watched the The Town That Dreaded Sundown remake/sequel. I enjoyed it for a campy slasher flick. I tried watching the Babadook last night. Heard a lot of good about it, but it honestly bored me. By the time anything really started happening, I was so bored I was texting people and checking my FB on my phone. So I basically zoned for the last half hour of the movie and only half-paid attention to it. I’m still trying to figure out what the twist was. Was the Babadook real? Was the mother possessed? If it was all just the mother being crazy, then who drug the bowl of worms into the shadows in the basement at the end? I’m gonna try and watch the last half hour again today and see if I can find any enjoyment in it, but I’m not very hopeful.

    Also, the kid in the movie was extremely annoying. Did he have to SCREAM every single one of his lines? I don’t know. The movie seemed very boring. Hopefully the rest of the stuff on the list is better.

  65. Totally agree, I am obsessed with horror and will watch anyyyyy. but i love ones that dont rely on gore the most and the Babadook is one of the best horrors i have seen in a long time.

  66. Sorry, but that’s absurd. I watched it and was utterly bored. It dragged on forever before anything happened. By the time it started to get interesting, I was only half paying attention and was texting and checking my Facebook and Instagram for the last half hour of the movie.

    So I gave it another chance yesterday and watched the last half hour again to see what I had missed. That turned out to be absolutely NOTHING. This movie was so overhyped and utterly boring.

    People like you, Jason, are extremely ridiculous. It’s fine if you disagree with people who don’t like it, but who the fuck do you think you are? lol You’re sitting here pretending you’re the Gatekeeper of All Things Horror. Sorry, dumbo, but you don’t get to say who knows “good horror” and who doesn’t.

    You’re probably one of those hipster art school douchebags who only likes “independent” films, and think that anything put out on IFC or heralded at Cannes is pure perfection.

    And for the record, in addition to The Babadook being boring and uneventful (not to mention that annoying-ass kid), The Haunting in Connecticut was stupid too. So, looks like I just shattered your asinine stereotype.

  67. *you’re
    Decent list, though few of those are actually scary. Housebound was hilarious with a very lame ending (the way it was presented, not the story).
    The Taking of Deborah Blah was just… meh.

  68. I couldn’t watch the movie without my son next to me. I enjoyed it except for that kid. I’m a mother and the child in the Babadook turned me off of the movie. My 9 year old thought it was fantastic.

  69. The Babadook fucking sucked In my opinion. Even my husband thought so. But to each their own, I guess.😂

  70. Sinister was a movie that was overlooked, I loved it because it was actually kind of scary and the way it was done, wit the scenes and the music was different and added to the movie. The conjuring gave me a few jumps as well, but Sinister is a top my horror list. Sinister 2 is coming!

  71. I feel that in all of this hot debate about who is a true “horror buff” and who is a “gorror buff” borrowing from Chaz Thompson because I really like that word..smiles. I feel that the whole sole purpose of providing the list was just to give us fans something to watch. I sincerely doubt that the person who created the post wanted us to fight like cats and dogs and put down other peoples preferences. I haven’t watched the Babadook yet. I definitely plan to in the very near future. I just wanted to point out that I like all sorts of various takes on horror. Sometimes I like gore, sometimes engaging thought provokers. I haven’t always been a fan of slashers, but if it has a good plot and not just needless massacring I add it to the growing variety. I think we should all thank the poster for taking the time to create a list. Also, I’m sure the poster would not be against hearing some more horror suggestions that you feel should be added, which would contribute to all of our avid horror enjoyment. Thank you :).

  72. if the movie isn’t for you fine, but here’s the thing i watched the movie and i enjoyed it. the build up is what you watch a horror movie for, not jump scares left and right. for example lets take a look at child’s play, you know something is happening. you know the doll is alive but you never really get to see it until the middle of the movie, then all hell breaks loose. a good horror movie builds up on the suspense it doesn’t rely on gore to make it a good movie. which is what is wrong with a lot of fans from today, they think that gore GORE GORE GORE AND MORE GORE equals a good horror movie WRONG. what equals a good horror movie is careful planning, and masterful and tasteful story telling not endless amounts of blood. this is what the original masters of horror got right, and what everyone else is flopping in the sand dying to get right. sure there are some good movies here and there, but lets be honest here most people are completely dumb as shit when it comes to making a proper horror movie. its not the blood and body parts that people want to see, they want fear they want to feel absorbed they want to be left in suspense. the haunting in Connecticut was a slow burn, it kept the people wondering “what happens next” because there was no KILLER WITH A FUCKING AXE RUNNING AROUND CHOPPING OFF RANDOM BODY PARTS. fear of the unknown, fear of the unexplained that’s what makes a great horror movie, and yes i know Friday the 13th and Halloween where great movie franchises, but once again slow burn keep the viewers in suspense. lets look at another movie Steven kings IT, a movie about a evil demonic clown? yeah that would be enough to make anyone shit themselves. i don’t care how old you are, and why because it was thoughtful about its scares, it wanted you to be drawn in and then POW hit you with the scare. that’s the thing that bothers me about people today, they forget what made horror great.

  73. I’m very disappointed with this list. I have seen all of these movies but a few and they are the lamest movies ever. Odd Thomas was cute but definitely not horror. The babadock was listed as #1.. wow.. smh. Worst movie ever!!!!!!!!! I’m probably the biggest horror movie fan alive.. and this list is crap!

  74. The babadock was the WORST most predictable movie. You are not a true horror fan if you disagree! In fact, please stop calling yourself a horror fan if you liked that movie! Very few newer horror movies are actually good. The conjuring was the best one I’ve seen in awhile! But the Babadock.. LOL.. I laughed all the way through that movie it was so bad!

  75. Omg, thank you! These people’s comments are making me cringe and laugh! The babadock was the WORST most predictable movie. It was comical how stupid it was.

  76. Lol, yes!!!!!!! The babadock was the WORST most predictable movie. . I’m like dumbfounded that people are saying it’s a great movie. It had me laughing It was so stupid! I can’t even deal with how bad some of these people’s tastes are! You’re not a horror fan if you call those movies good!

  77. Are you kidding me? You would have to have a super low IQ not to get this movie! WORST movie ever!!!!

  78. You must be a special kind of stupid if you’re still thinking about this god awful, predictable movie!

  79. Lol, please tell me This is a joke? You must be a special kind of stupid if this movie makes you think! WORST movie ever and so predictable! And why does everyone jump on the bandwagon of “if you don’t like this movie you’re into gore” get over yourself. You act like you’re superior and what you like everyone should like.. get real! your movie choice obviously sucks! You wouldn’t know a real horror movie if it slapped you in the face!

  80. Loved The Babadook. Not sure I’d put it at the top of any lists though, but it was very unique (although the “troubled child” sub-genre part of it has been done a million times). I think the few people who don’t like it feel that way because there was much left unexplained. Some movies can pull that off, some can’t. Initially I didn’t like that…the ending…where the book came from, etc…But as I thought about it, there’s a certain satisfaction in leaving things to the imagination of the viewer. Great flick overall.

  81. Will check out the movies I haven’t seen yet. The Babdook was not a good movie in my opinon. But everyone beats to a different drummer. Deborah logan was very good. Enjoyed the Extraterrestrial.

  82. The film didn’t rely on scares, that is the issue with the current generation of horror fans. “If there isn’t a jumpscare every 20 seconds then apparently a film is bad” is probably the worst line of thought possible. The Babadook relied on one of the most primal human fears, the fear of the dark, we never got a good look at the Babadook but every time we saw a night shot we knew the beastie wasn’t far off. It relied on the viewers connection with the mother, who lost her husband in a car accident and must now raise a child (who has some social severe social issues) by herself. We aren’t supposed to scream, and hide our faces, that is not what horror is. Horror is about being uncomfortable, its about looking over your shoulder when you’re alone because you feel something watching you, it’s about changing the way we perceive a shadow of a chair in the moonlight. The horror genre is about taking us away from what we feel comfortable with. I’m not saying you have to like the film, I watched it and would easily recommend it to people while I also recommend Sinister and The Conjuring. If you want a BAD horror movie go watch Birdemic, that is a BAD horror movie, but just because The Babadook doesn’t rustle your jimmies doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means it is a type of horror you do not respond to.

  83. Maybe let a man decide what movies are good based on the type of horror movie they like. Maybe stop assuming your top picks are better in every way simply because you like them. Maybe understand that everyone experiences dread and horror differently and that what is “not good” to you is “great” to other people simply because there perceptions of terror differ from yours. Maybe if you have suggestions post them instead of replying with a “holier than thou” jab at the author who made a list based off of their personal horror preference.

    Maybe have a nice day.

  84. I thought Babadook was scary. I rather liked it, I enjoyed the slow pacing and the lack of jump scares and most of all I enjoyed the time and effort put into the mothers descent into madness. I thought it was very well done.

  85. That’s funny – I thought The Babadook was crap but the kid was excellent. I bought that he was nuts. Made a terrible movie at least palatable in my opinion. Just goes to show everyone sees things differently.

  86. Your like a 30 something year old nephew of mine – his opinion is the absolute truth on movies. Doesn’t grasp the concept that people don’t have to love everything he does about a movie. If they don’t love it – they obviously have zero understanding of some brilliant metaphor of grief… Wait – Tim, is that you?

  87. I’m sure you could’ve used that response for some of the other comments instead of a simple 5 word comment I posted. I do have a more extensive comment below that I’m sure you could respond to more appropriately.

    I would like some clarification, though. I’m rather confused as to how that can be construed as a “holier than thou” comment or how you know exactly what I meant by that other than you can find a better list – please enlighten me.

    Perhaps that effort you put into your comment would be better used constructing your own list instead of reading way too far into what I posted and applying your own bias to what was, again, a simple 5 word comment.

  88. I thought they did a good job with this and recommend it as well. I wouldn’t really classify is as horror, either – but a good supernatural flick.

  89. Wow you’re an ass spending your whole day on the comment thread of a horror movie list judging peoples opinions… calling people stupid and how low of an IQ they have because of what they like or not… you my friend are the one with the low IQ and self esteem if this is how you bring yourself up by putting others down. What gives you the authority to define horror? Why are your thoughts much more valuable than everyone elses? I sure hope you find something in your life thats good for you other than internet trolling. Pathetic

  90. I enjoyed The Babadook, I dont think it was scary at all, but it entertained me. I haven’t see a real “scary” movie in a very long time. The only thing that made me not want to watch The Babadook is the fact I wanted to punch that kid in the face about 90% of the movie.

  91. I don’t agree with the number one spot. I’m a HUGE horror fanatic and Babadook just bored me.

  92. after all the hype i was so disappointed in it. Not scary at all. I have been watching horror movies since I was a kid in the 70s and I am not picky about it either. This just wasn’t a horror movie.

  93. that was the one thing i could relate to in the movie. I am a single mother of an autistic boy. Lord help he and I if something like that happened to us. I fear we would have gone down very quickly lol

  94. Housebound and Town That Dreaded… were surprisingly good even though the latter’s conclusion left a little bit to be desired. It was, however, a clever way to tie the movies together.

    Imagine the difficulties explaining the premise to my teen… well it’s a movie based on a mockumentary based on a killer that did exist but not…well, you get the point.

    Watched “The Haunting of Helena” last night. The premise behind the story is really clever and original. The movie fell flat. You don;t find out the premise, really, until the end. But then you go “Cool! Too bad I had to watch the movie to get to it.” Would love to see it redone in competent hands.

  95. I totally agree with this comment. A good horror movie to me is the conjuring, the exorcist, hell raiser, werewolf in London shoot even silver bullet was good in it’s time. We need more like these.

  96. Please, please, oh please let me get paid to watch horror movies and rate them. I’ve seen most on this list and feel they fall very short. I personally feel like they have tweens and teens rating these movies with no since of what true horror really is.

  97. after hearing such great reviews I watched the babadook and thought it was interesting and thought provoking with minor creepy moments. Ithought the ending was wide open for interpretation and although I dont need to be force fed everything and like to be able to ponder the ending I thought it was too vague. I have my opinion of what the ending and the babadook was but only the writer knows for sure. It was a good movie that i would never revisit simply because it was a thought provoking suspense film to me not horror and its just one of those good movies that to me isnt rewatchable. to each his/her own.

  98. “So, looks like I just shattered your asinine stereotype.”

    Not really. Your avatar says, “I’m a douchebag” and your statements match it.

  99. You just said the movie where Marky Mark is chased by vengeful wind is an OK horror movie. Your opinion is invalid forever.

  100. totally agree with u joshua stewart…….this movie sholdve been renamed……the babadouche, or bababooooo………..y wasnt husk in this list? oooohhhhhh thats right, it wasn’t made by ifc midnight……..i love all forms of horror but for this to be #1……it is saddening………im 44 yrs old n been watching horror/gorror since i was 12 and i can say there are alot f cheaper movies with a greater cause n effect…..this bababullshit aint top ranked…..yeah lemme keep a demon as a pet……thatll be the kicker at the end of the movie…what crap

  101. The Bobbadook was moronic. Actually most on your list aren’t even scary for ypund children. Slashers are not scary, every slasher, serial killer, movie you put on here are just like all others. Predictable, and boring. Most thst you posted here are horror for the current idiot generation. Now I will say is Troll Hunter is amazing. Extraterrestrial was ok, watchable, but annoying, and Stakeland was like watching paint dry. Not sure how you even got to the point to make an article at all, and definitely not a horror critic that has any idea of horror.

  102. He wasn’t autistic, he acted put rekated to his father’s desth, and the Talpa of the Bobbadook. The movie was ridiculous.

  103. Who ever made this list has a taste for shit. Odd Thomas is one of my favorite movies ever, and it was at the back??? Really? It’s certainly better than this other crap you have listed. The Babadook might be good. I need to see it, but I know for a fact that some of those other movies that made it close to the top are absolute shit.

  104. Some of the ones on this list are amazing. I Saw The Devil isn’t really “horror,” but one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen. Very intense. Couple others on here are okay, like 13 Sins (although Cheap Thrills did a better job with a near identical premise), and Late Phases was mostly watchable. I have no idea why people continue to put The Babadook at the top of every horror last made in the last year and a half. It’s just not that good.

  105. The babadook is nothing. I’m telling you that it barely scared me. Sure there was like one or two small jump scares but the movie was hella boring. The taking of Deborah Logan? I like it 🙂

  106. I am on my way to watching all your picks because so far I have liked the 4 I have seen. Would not normally have watched anyone based on the Netflix ratings. Just watched I saw the devil and really liked it and I don’t normally like movies I have to read. Babadook probably would not be on my top. And the den freaked me out. I don’t normally get freaked out but we all have cameras on everything now days. Also saw the taking of deborah logan. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for the recommendations.

  107. The Babadook was boring as fuck..and the comment “your not a real horror fan if you dont like Babadook” Yeah take that comment and shove it..the movie was horrible until the last 10 minutes…oh well if its not gore then it must movie sucked because it sucked..whether or not there was any was a typical BORING ASS FOREIGN film..So to all the Babadook need to re evalaute your “horror status”…Babadook equals OVERHYPE AND BORING…did I mention the movie was BORING???

  108. you’re missing the point that stewart didnt even read what soto posted. he probably skimmed through while checking his instagram with his short attention span; riding around his high horse. he didnt realize that soto was saying that babadook, sorority row, and the haunting in connecticut were bad movies.

  109. Mr. Jones is scary as well. It takes an odd turn in the end but still pretty good. Kill List is also phenomenal!

  110. What the fuck is wrong with you.

    You know youre the type of shit who ruins the Web.
    You think by your constant insults strengthens your opinion? Guess what it fucking doesnt, it makes it worse, it makes you look like a fuckhead dip shit.
    You insulted someone because of their movie taste.
    So superfluous and childish that is. Youre a fuckin man child.

    And you deserve someone to shit down your throat

  111. I don’t think the babadook was good at all, I actually find it to be very overrated. And I hate when people say “oh its because you don’t like good horror, you probably like the modern gore shit” or maybe I just have a different opinion? Some new horror movies are good and some are bad, just like some old horror films are good and some are bad, its all a matter of opinion. I just found the babadook to be too serious with itself, the child’s acting was atrocious and the whole plot tried to be more deep than it really was. My favorite psychological horror film to date is Oculus, this movie had an actual well developed story with a real take on mental horror, its beautifully directed and it has just a good amount of everything a good horror film needs and the two children’s acting was astonishing to say the least. But again that’s just my opinion.

  112. that is actually pretty good. I thought it was more a personification of her Shadow created by the tragedy. the more one denies the shadow, the stronger it gets. Jung pretty much said that one cannot ever get rid of the Shadow, and that is why she “kept” it. It is part of her. That’s what caught my attention. i do like this idea too.

  113. I watched “The Road” based on the recommendation of this list. It was a horrible waste of time and I am easily pleased when it comes to movies. Now I have no confidence in the rest of the list since I doubt you actually watched the movie and if you did you obviously have very low standards. It was that bad.

  114. Some of these were really great – Taking of Deborah Logan, Troll Hunter, Housebound, Here Comes the Devil, Grabbers. But some of these were inexcusably bad. The Road? Late Phases? Absolutely terrible.

  115. I had basically the same experience as you, I had checked out mentally by the time anything happened. After reading some of these posts I was gonna give it another shot trying to be more engaged. Big mistake. It’s not a good movie. Now I see where the disconnect is; the ones who liked the movie lack comprehension skills and think just because they’re still “thinking about it” (confused about it) it was a thought provoking movie. Then there’s the people who think anyone who doesn’t like to wait until the end of the movie for excitement is just into gore and a cheap scare, so guys this was boring, not a slow burn building characters or plot, just boring. It’s also the ones that think they’re “true horror fans” than are judging everyone else and not respecting opinions, not JS. He just calls out the other fool for thinking he’s the horror gatekeeper who decided who’s a fan or not. I saw all the movies on this list before this even came out, and was reading the list thinking mostly good choices. Then when Babadook was #1 the list lost credibility.

  116. The only thing remotely scary about this movie is how much I wanted to murder that irritating, whiny, shit sack of a child. There were a couple moments of jumps, sure. Best movie? Amazing? Not by a long f*cking mile.

  117. As much as I did like the Babadook, I didn’t find it too scary. It took an uncomfortably long time for things to get rolling. But once they did it was a huge snowball effect. I think I remember reading that the whole movie was just a big metaphor for depression? I could be wrong. it was definitely a good movie, just not a scary one.

  118. I liked Blair Witch 2….. but I hated the babadook. I also watched the Blair witch when I was like 13, and knew it was a bad movie lol. The Babadook had potential but I lost interest fast, I feel like you it was highly predictable, not scary, and disappointing.

  119. “It’s a lot like Zombieland, just with vampires and without the comic relief.”

    ALMOST the stupidest statement in this lame whatever it is.

    How can you write so much crap, in so few words? Please. Stop. Writing. Just stop.

  120. Whenever I’m scrolling through Netflix, number 2 always freaks me out because the cover they use (not the one in this article) is super creepy.

  121. the kid was really annoying. but no need to bash anyone man everyone has their own taste in horror be it slasher gore like Halloween or demonic possession like the exorcist. Just be happy people still watch horror movies.

  122. its still horror in a way and it was creepy and the blair witch was just awful imo. 😐

  123. The conjuring was good till the end…… we need more horror movies without happy endings like in VHS

  124. I hated the babbadok .. If i can predict a 99% of movie and the one thing I dont see comming was so under whelming .Well Im just glad some people liked it .
    I thought it on par with Annabelle so~

  125. A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night and Let The Right One In are my top two favorites on Netflix.

  126. Just a few really good movies to see. I’ve seen them all, and they are truly worthy of the genre. 1. I saw the devil 2. The Woman. 3.Them (2006 French). 4. House of the Devil 5. Lockout. 6. Funny Games. 7. Bedeviled 8. The Shrine 9. High Tension 10. Martyrs 11. Frontieres. And I also have to add Strangers. Very frightening

  127. The babadook just ruined this list. It is the biggest fail in years. Terrible terrible.I saw the devil is best on this list by a long way.

  128. i mean jump scares are not that scary to me cause I love horror so much. I agree with some ppl on how we need more horror movies that are not all about gore and more movies that are creepy like secrets in the walls or the insidious series

  129. Attention spans have made none gore movies hard for younger people to get into they need to be guide by the film n entertained at every turn…not even Hitchcock could get these kids to like real horror…gorror is something they can take at face value without a computer to tell them how to think feel n act they just do comprehend like generations before that understand human feelings

  130. The atmosphere and the tension that builds in The Babadook is what a horror film should be. I don’t understand why you need gore and full frontal nudity in a horror film to pass as a horror film now a days. Just about every new horror film in America is a rip-off, remake or CGI.

  131. Babadook was the worst horror movie ever and I cherish good horror movies. Absolutely nothing scary happens in this movies and the end is so unlogical and stupid that it makes the movie a complete joke.

  132. A lot of movies on this list were a miss for me because they didn’t bring anything new to the table, or the twist was obvious way too early on in the movie (and I’m usually the last person to catch on to those). I really did enjoy Deborah Logan, surprisingly, since that type of movie is a dime a dozen. I feel that as long as the film is taking an actual NEW direction, and not recycling what I have seen time and time again, I’m satisfied.

  133. I was so disappointed by The Babadook. Has nothing to do with the lack of jump scares or the lack of gore, but simply because it was boring. There was really nothing noteworthy about it. The build up was good, but it took so long that I was expecting something so much more than what happened in the last 30 minutes. It wasn’t thought provoking, the characters were really shallow (not to mention neither of the main characters were truly likable), and while the end was interesting there was really no depth or solid foundation behind it in the context of the movie. It was creepy, I will definitely give it that, but definitely not a good horror flick.

  134. hey, I wonder, on what region of netflix are you on? Cause I looked on canadian and us netflix and I can’t find odd thomas…
    That’s odd…

    I’m so sorry

  135. you should check out birth movies death dot com. the commenters there are a little more seasoned and tend to thoughtfully critique a film. 🙂

  136. I like tense, creepy movies and don’t really need the gore. That said, I thought The Babadook was boring. Not because there wasn’t any dismemberment and blood and jump-scares (there were btw, but whatever), but because it was boring. IDGAF whether that makes me a “true horror fan” or not, either; who cares.

  137. I was hoping for some opinions in the comments, but god damn, it’s just a bunch of people arguing about The Babadook.

  138. I seriously could not stand The Babadook bc of the actor who played the little boy. He annoyed the living hell out of me. I seriously could not handle him. I tried so hard, made it to the end, but good gawd they didn’t have to make his character and his acting sooooooo annoyingly in your face. Ugh.

  139. Babadook was stupid, she killed it at the end by screaming very loudly. One of the dumbest movie’s I’ve ever seen and because it’s on this list, it makes me wonder if any of these are worth seeing.

  140. Every comment thread here:

    One person: I didn’t like the babadook because –
    Everyone else: Oh you dont know good horror, you just like gore and blood. faggot. lololololol


  141. Grave Encounters was pretty intense and was the first scary movie I had seen in a LONG time that was based more on atmosphere than gore. The second one was definitely not as good but I recommend the first one. Great acting, a little comedy and great scares.

  142. Really? I totally wanted to punch that kid the first half of the movie, but he totally redeemed himself in the last half. Freakin little bad ass. The Babadook is such a creepy character I actually want a US remake that turns it into a dumb ghostly slasher flick.

  143. If there was a demon, or a babadook in the first place. It’s a bit implied the lady is nuts, she wrote the books, and what she thinks is in the basement is a manifestation of her grief. I mean the kid was having nightmares BEFORE the book ever came along.

  144. No, she was overcoming her own grief, guilt, and resentment. There’s hints in there that she wrote the book, and the only other proof she has is that her kid saw the Babadook, but he never describes what it looks like nor ever points at it the same time she sees it. The kid was having nightmares before the book ever came along. You weren’t watching a ghost/entity/creature movie. You were watching a sad woman snap. I don’t think it was dumb at all.

  145. Oh man, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. There’s hints in there that she wrote the book herself and made the whole thing up. It was a part of her that was dealing with her grief, guilt, and resentment. She hated her kid. She repressed everything dealing with her husband. The book was her fantasy of killing her kid, and the kid getting amped up about it just pushed her to the breaking point. I mean the kid was having nightmares before the book ever came along, all it did was make him focus on a specific monster. Then she finally confronts her feelings, realizing she loves her son, and literally leaves her grief, etc behind in the basement. OR you could look at it like those feelings manifested as the Babadook, or attracted the Babadook. It really is up to the viewer.

  146. I didn’t think it was amazing either, but I appreciated many aspects of the story. I liked it more as just a movie than a horror movie. But if someone else thinks it’s amazing or thinks it sucks donkey dong, I’m willing to read their reasons why but there’s no point in insults. I get what the OP means though. My friend didn’t dig it at all after he watched it and after we talked about the story it was like a switch went off and he appreciated it a lot more. But he still didn’t dig it that much. And life went on.

  147. I don’t equate gory with scary. Besides The Babadook, which I’ve already seen and liked, are any of these movies non-gory, a la the Paranormal Activity movies?

  148. The Babbadook was not bad for lack of jumpscares. It was bad for lack of explanation. No lore. No mythology. No plot other than a straight line to the dumbest ending I have seen in a while. It really was not going to be on my terrible list until I was finally at the end thinking “are you fucking serious?!?! that’s it!?!?” The atmosphere was creepy for about ten minutes of the movie, then I realized no more explanation was happening, and the atmosphere instantly dissolved. Then I felt like I had lost time I could not get back.

    *SPOILER* The ghost/creature/boogeyman is defeated by momma screaming at it. the fuck? Oh man, it must be some great message about how a mothers primal instincts and love can conquer anything. Great. Awesome. Horror is generally not the fucking place for that.

    Don’t try to defend it. If it is bad, it is bad. Just admit it. Ratings really don’t mean anything anymore, since most internet publications can be bought pretty easily. Check out the ads that slather the walls of the review websites you check out. That doesn’t mean you can’t like it. That’s why I love MST3k. Everything on it is pretty bad movies, but I like them for being cheesy, and I know they are bad.

    You want atmospheric horror, watch Japanese found footage films. There is a load of them, and they can be terrifying with the atmosphere provided. Noroi and Occult are definitely on my creepy list.

  149. i feel like most everyone who assumes people who disagrees with them just don’t really understand are pretentious assholes. maybe people understand the movie, get the metaphor, like psychological/atmospheric horror, and just happen to think it was boring, badly written, and overacted.

  150. Good list – a few I still need to see. May I also recommend The Diabolical, a haunted house thriller with a sci-fi twist, starring Ali Larter, Contracted: Phase II, a gory, unsettling film concerning a deadly virus, and the wild, anything goes, John Dies at the End, from Phantasm’s Don Coscarelli.


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