All horror movies are not created equal.  For every really good one, there are a dozen bad ones.  Luckily, the bad ones are still loads of fun to watch.  Here are ten of the best worst movies ever, all of which can be found on Netflix right now.


  1. Troll 2

[youtube id=”9KCct4RwLNM” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Troll 2 is considered by many to be the absolute worst movie ever made, so we may as well start there.


  1. Zombeavers

[youtube id=”7onFrBK_hKE” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

All you really need to know about Zombeavers is in the name.


  1. Jack Frost

[youtube id=”ev0NkYfkgYE” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

This is not the heartwarming Michael Keaton comedy of the same title – the snowman in this Jack Frost has bite.


  1. Wolfcop

[youtube id=”Cg6fovvvgb4″ align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

He’s a werewolf.  He’s a cop.  Does this one need any more of an explanation?



  1. Nurse

[youtube id=”WO041uVxOHw” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Someday, Nurse is going to be considered classic cinema.  For now, it’s just Awesomely Bad.


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